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April 5, 2009
June 27, 2009     6:35 PM
The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
The Peoria Chiefs
Fox Cities Stadium

Box Seats section 106 - $8.00 ea
50 seats available on a first come first serve basis
Tailgating before the game

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By sheer accident a local clothing retailer recognizes the Kat's natural beauty and begins her modeling career.
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             aturday began as if it were any other normal weekend with the Kat mapping out her strategy to make her rounds at the usual shops to reinforce her compulsive buying behavior. Between groceries, collectable's, clothing and shoes her stops must be planned carefully to take full advantage of her time and check book so as to use the space provided inside the car wisely negating the need for a trailer.

One of her last stops was to add to her Capri pants collection and the best place to do that is at
Catherine's (not a stout shop) in the once glorious Green Bay Plaza. While the Kat was examining the not so picked over rack in the middle isle the manager approached her and said: "I've been watching you and how you handle yourself and I think you may have a career modeling here." The manager then
offered Kat a store discount of 25% on anything she wanted if she would spend 20 minutes walking up and down the runway in the store with one of their high fashion blouses on.

The Kat was a bit overwhelmed by all the oooos and ahhhhhs and attention she received from customers and their spousal units even though the designers themselves were not on hand.

Even though her first modeling gig was a success and Kat finally purchased that jean jacket she had her eye on at a discount, there may not be a chance to extend her career at all. When all was said and done the manager said that their regular model failed to show up and Kat was selected for the job on short notice.
The Kat, model
Just when everyone was about to give up on looking for the new Chicken Night location a perfect fit has been found. The "new" Redwood Inn now located at the former location of the Belaire supper club has everything needed to complete the search for a new location. A spacious interior with a large bar is designed to accommodate a large number of people and that's exactly what's needed for the popular eating establishment. While the facility was crowded there was ample room for everyone and people were not rubbing elbows. The bar seemed well equipped for the masses and no one had trouble getting a drink.

Upon arrival a panic stricken Judy Treml greeted us with the news that it would be an hour and a half wait and that we should go somewhere else. I told her that everyone was meeting here and we couldn't just move it before everyone had arrived.
Treml and Stephonia Prevost apparently were in agreement on this issue as they had not yet put in a name for a table.
Treml persisted on her idea of going somewhere else and eventually Stephonia made the reservation but by that time an extra half hour had been added on to the wait. After an hour Treml informed the group she was leaving and we would be
waiting a long time yet anyway. Apparently Treml's dining habits are well known in the Green Bay area for as soon as she walked out the door the greeter informed the waitress of her departure and a waitress watched as her taillights dwindled and finally were out of sight, she turned to us and said "your table is ready."

Newcomers to Chicken Night were Ellie and Snow Danforth.  To add a bit of mystery Danforth had
dyed her hair with a tinge of red. We all recognized her immediately and if she was trying to be incognito it didn't work. Both newcomers found the facility to be more than adequate and said that they would definitely come back for future Chicken Nights.
One of the benefits of the new location is the absence of smoke due to their no smoking policy which  is unheard of in most bar scenes.  This may have been the reason Treml and Prevost condemned it from the get go.
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck however was elated by the policy, Sobieck who struggles to suck enough wind due to damaged lungs found the no smoking rules comforting and now prefers the new location over the previous "Cliff and Ceils."
Judy Treml
Snow Danforth with red hair
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck
Yet another good omen in favor of the new location is the transplanting of one of the original, and favorite Chicken Night waitresses. Tanya who served Chicken Night attendees for years found a new home at the Redwood Inn when C and C's was shut down, closed
and subsequently burned to the ground. Tanya who is very apprehensive about giving out her personal information to the press was Jean Poquette-Hansen's favorite waitress. Poquette-Hansen received many perks over the years from Tanya. The waitress seemed overjoyed to see her regular Chicken Night
attendees, minus Judy Treml return now at the new location. Chicken Night will not be held next week on Good Friday in lieu of Easter Sundays family gathering.

If you missed the new XPFL page last week click here to see it now. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Tanya, now at the Redwood Inn