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April 19, 2009
June 27, 2009     6:35 PM
The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
The Peoria Chiefs
Fox Cities Stadium

Box Seats section 106 - $8.00 ea
50 seats available on a first come first serve basis
Tailgating before the game
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The eldest son of Richard and Mary Meeuwsen endures setback in health crisis.
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                            ary "Doats" Meeuwsen had just returned from Berwick Pennsylvania visiting her ailing oldest son when she was notified that he again was hospitalized for coughing up blood and other symptoms associated with his degrading health.

Aaron Meeuwsen 36, a diabetic since childhood suffered a heart attack several weeks ago, in Berwick and was hospitalized. His mother Doats and brother Adam made the trip to see him in the hospital while he recovered. Along with the heart attack a blood clot was discovered and that was resolved with medication. Meeuwsen has been on dialysis for the past three months and that has also not been without problems we are told.
Aaron Meeuwsen a Turkey Bowl Veteran participates in the tractor pulls at TB VII
Meeuwsen's health has been declining since his last appearance in TB VII two years ago and is in renal failure. His sight is all but gone and he spends his days at his wife's mothers home in Berwick Pennsylvania about 100 miles southwest of Scranton, which is also known as Steamtown USA.
As for now Meeuwsen is holding his own and resting a lot due to his condition. 
Meeuwsen accepts the trophy for pulling the most weight in the halftime show tractor pulls at XPFL's TB VII.
The amazing growth in popularity of Mike VanDenHueval's band 5 Man has broken out of the Fox Valley and is migrating to Milwaukee this summer. Ashley Hansen's life partner Mike along with his colleagues in the band will be performing
at this years Summerfest in Milwaukee, one of the largest rock venues in Wisconsin. Details of the schedule are sketchy as of yet but when we have more details we will bring them to you so you can plan your vacation accordingly.

Not only will the band be performing and getting exposure in the southern Wisconsin market but they will also be opening for the band Disturbed in La Crosse when they perform there May 12th. at the La Crosse Center. The band will also perform May 17th in Green Bay at the Resch Center, but it is not known if 5 Man will open for them there. June 14th after performing in Canada Disturbed will launch a tour in Germany.
The Chicken Night crowd last met at a pre Easter Friday night meeting at The "New" Redwood Inn. While it was thought by this writer that the perfect place had been found some very loud dissenters have persisted and won out taking The Redwood Inn off of perspective gathering places forever.

The search for a smoke free large older style dining establishment with an adequate bar has another trial this week as the Sidelines Bar and Grill suggested by Brandon Pickett is examined for it's qualities. While the establishment has no real web site it is a well known location which has been in circulation for years and is listed on dining web sites in Green Bay. Located at 1049 Lombardi Access Rd. it is convenient for most to visit and parking should not be a problem with an ample lot in front of the door. I presume if needed parking could migrate to K-Mart located nearly across the street.

The street intersects and runs west of Ridge Road Directly across from the stadium and was one time known as True Lane. The place may have been known as The 50 Yard Line at one time, and even longer ago was the originally Nino's.  
This weeks Chicken Night Location is at Sidelines 1049 Lombardi Access Rd.
That's all the news that is news, see ya.
A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo