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April 26, 2009
June 27, 2009     6:35 PM
The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
The Peoria Chiefs
Fox Cities Stadium

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Younger Poquette sisters not included are outraged over learning of new "renegade" Fat Club effort, while older sisters continue to plan secret meetings.
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               t was Friday night at Chicken Night when The Kat casually mentioned that there was to be a meeting of the old original members of The Fat Club at our rural Oneida home on County Road E. Apparently Peg VanLanen the oldest sister and matriarch of their family together with Mary "Doats" Meeuwsen secretly conceived a plot to reorganize the original Fat Club members without including the younger sisters whom at the time of it's inception were indeed the "Fat Club Kids".
Peg VanLanen
The plan called for older sisters Peg, Doats, Sue, and Kat to meet at our home every two weeks when the three oldest sisters were not working. A cut off point was unclear at the time of inception however Joanne Lade the fifth sister in the pack of 9 was not included nor were any whom were younger than Lade.
Younger sisters and current members of the official Fat Club were surprised by the news of an offshoot Fat Club and were taken by surprise as they were told of it's prospective members who blatantly plotted against them by not including them in the new club. Jeers were hurled at the Kat who had no
idea the news of the secret gathering of the elder sisters would have such a dire, and offensive impact on the current members of the heavyweight group. Members objected because they were not
consulted from the inception of the plan and were not included in the original charter membership.  All had something to say but, the most vocal of the group was Jean Poquette Hansen, number 7 of the 9 sisters, whose objections were heard louder than any other. Poquette-Hansen: "Just when were you going to tell us about it?" she demanded as she interrupted a surprised Kat who had been telling a related story about one of the elder sisters. "I like how you make all these plans and don't tell us about it!" she said as she glared at the Kat.

The Kat trying to diffuse the situation invited the entire Axis of Evil all seated at the bar, but the group refused to be cordial about the upcoming meeting and jeered at The Kat even more.

The least vocal and youngest of the group Stephonia Prevost stood by in silence as she quietly and unwittingly rejected the hasty invitation put forth by the Kat. Refusing comment Prevost went on about her new job and how it was like putting on an old comfortable pair of shoes to be back at her former employer The Family Violence Center teaching family members unfamiliar with violence how to acquire the art.

The first meeting May 2, 2009 is expected to be a showdown between old and younger sisters with the possibility of physical violence at hand. Too bad Stephonia will not be on hand to lend advice on the proper techniques. Reports will be forthcoming after the scheduled first meeting.
Jean Poquette Hansen
Even though the consequences of her actions were not as severe as Sue Wenzel's tumble down a flight of stairs during the Christmas season of 2003 breaking her neck, the accident and it's lasting injury are no less dramatic just the same.
Lade employed full time at Humana Insurance downtown Green Bay decided that a little bar time was in order after work one night while her husband Tim was visiting his daughter in Las Angeles California. Lade's bar visit got the pump primed and when she returned home she consumed a few more cocktails before she realized that she had
fracture and pop up on one side of the bone.

Lade began to cry after yet another stern warning from her husband Tim about the evils of strong drink. Lade now on the mend from the ordeal has threatened this reporter with physical violence for telling the story honestly and has vowed to carry out an attack on me at Chicken Night this week if this column is not to her liking. Threats cannot influence this news department nor will it shape news stories in any way here at the KAMR. We don't make the news, we just report it.
Joanne Lade
gone a bit too far and needed coffee to sober up before the nightly call came from Tim to check up on her. She was out of coffee upstairs so she headed for the basement where spare cans of coffee were stored in her pantry. While descending the stairs one of her high heels became entangled in the long fibres of the shag rug covering the service stairway to the basement. In her impaired condition she bolted backward and tried to grab anything behind her of which there was nothing. With arms flailing she came down hard on the two steps behind her with the entire weight of her muscle laden body landing on her wrist which was not prepared for the falling action.
She iced and nursed it along until she saw her doctor for a regular visit previously scheduled three days after the accident. At that time X-Rays were taken and she was told that it didn't look broken. The next day however she got a call from her doctor at work telling her that it is broke in what is described as a "buckle fracture" where as the bone is broken on one side only as if two small pieces
A katandmick photo
Joanne Lade at the doctor getting X-Rays
Even though it has not yet been confirmed as the new gathering place for Chicken Night, the sports club known as "Sidelines" scored highly among the handful of people attending Chicken Night this past Friday. No one wants to go out on a limb with such few people attending and declare that this is the new home of Chicken Night as happened after the visit to "The Redwood Inn." As mentioned attendance dwindled down to 9 adults and 2 children as Chicken Night went into its 5th week of trials reappearing after three years of dormancy due to the closing of Cliff and Ceils.

The establishment has two bars one for smokers and one for non smokers. Smokers and non smokers alike are treated to a line of televisions mounted on the walls adjacent to the bar covering every sports event televised at that exact moment. Children were treated to crayons and drawings to color, a practice not seen in many bars. The sound for the TV's remains silent as do any speakers that might be active for musical entertainment. With the bar room devoid of music and sound the atmosphere is somewhat like a nursing home, looking around the room one could literally see residents having their evening meal before being wheeled off and put to bed.

The food while tasty and adequate is reasonable in price however portions may be too small for some Chicken Night attendees with larger appetites. Piles of food such as seen at The Redwood in are not to be seen at Sidelines however the specials are numerous and one just needs to remember to order more if he or she is that hungry.

Drinks are a bit pricey and it should be noted that spending the night in the bar there may lighten one's pocket book substantially. A mixed drink is $5.00 but to be fair is larger than at most bars. Tap beer is $4.50 a glass and the glasses are not large. Pitchers are $7.00 and are the best deal for the money.
A katandmick photo
Clara Pickett consumes orange roughy Sidelines
Jean Poquette Hansen suggested that we tailgate in the parking lot before going in to have dinner.

Other members of the group suggested that the notion of going from house to house on Chicken Night is not dead and that this
practice be be reinstated from time to time. Jean Poquette-Hansen even went so far as to say that she would host the affair on a weekly basis if needed because she liked the private party idea so much.

In other Chicken Night News Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck noted that Justin and his new girl friend Mollie decided to call it quits after only a few dates for unknown reasons and Brittany Sobieck working at Aurora is still awaiting for word from graduate school on her application for this fall. That's all the news that is news, see ya.