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February 1, 2009
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              ust as assuredly as Osoma Obama will seek a second term in office so it goes with the outstanding workmanship delivered by Jessica Poquette to her employer Checkmate. For the second year in a row Poquette has claimed the highly coveted manager of the year award and says she couldn't be happier working anywhere else than for the money lender. Check Mate a long standing member of the better business exchange has been held in high regard by the commission of banking and lending institutions for the last 103 years and plans to be around for a long time to come. Just in Poquette's office alone several outstanding loans date back to the 1800's such as Green Bays first fire engine, the flagpole at the courthouse and the bells of the cathedral.

Jessie says that her goal is to climb the corporate ladder high enough that she has her own corporate jet, "That's good enough for me" says Poquette not wanting to appear too aggressive. Up to this point she has had to either drive or take a Greyhound to her corporate meetings in Las Angeles California.

Poquette, 35 has been with the company for 4 years and is considered to be one of the older more experienced managers in the company. Over the years she has loaned money to such people as Brett Farve a one time Green Bay Packers quarterback, Neil Diamond in town for a performance, and Sarah Palin during her 2008 campaign stop. Next year Poquette says she would like to lend money to more famous people such as Aaron Rogers, Governor Doyle and Possibly Cher if she performs at the casino. Jessie says one of her strategies is that she waits for the right moment then bursts onto the scene and offers them money to purchase coffee, gum, or soda. Poquette says "no loan is too small" and told the story of how she once wrote a loan for Brittany Spears in the ladies restroom to purchase a Kotex from the machine.

As reported in The Newsletter January 18, 2009 Shannon and Blackie Cornelius named their baby Lawson Michael Lee Cornelius, but since that publication some other details have emerged. As reported by Shannon, mother of the child the name has now been changed and shortened to simply Lawson Lee Cornelius leaving out the aforementioned Michael from the name much to my dismay.

The Cornelius's have also announced in a press release this past week that they are planning a summer house warming party where everyone from the family is welcome.
Jessica Poquette receives the manager of the year award
No date has yet been set for the affair but Shannon said the party would be at their Bruce Lane home and not at the Wood Lane home mentioned in the January 18 Newsletter.

Cornelius an Oneida native is planning to hunt and kill wild game near the airport and roast it over an open fire just as his people did many years ago on the day of the feast to feed the hungry guests. But of course he said the beer he will purchase and will not brew himself.

In a simple statement released by Alex's husband Dave Poquette the death was reported: Alex's mother passed away Tuesday January 27th at 18:37. The funeral is in Manchester KY on Saturday  January 31, 2009.  It was widely known that Alex's mother suffered from lung cancer for the last few months. 

With the digital transition only 17 days away the downtown jail and work release center has completed the digital cut over and all the analog TV's have been fed a new upgraded signal via analog modulators and Digital receivers.

The equipment had been assembled and put on the air via the master antenna system last week and all the televisions have been reprogrammed and cut over to the new feed.

This week I will perform the same assembly at the New Jail on Curry Lane and hope to have that facility digitalized by Wednesday February 4, 2009 a full two weeks before the drop dead date. There's no need to worry, no inmate will be forced to go with out TV for even a minute because of the digital transition.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.

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