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February 8, 2009
Justin Sobieck participates unwittingly in a parking and towing scam at a downtown Green Bay night club and accidentally tows his cousins car.
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                 randon and Clara went out for a night with a few friends at a downtown establishment named the Excess Night Club. The property is located adjacent to The Oval Office a strip club on Main street, it is the one that was all remodeled with new work done to the front of the building.  The business border each other except for the parking lots behind the buildings which are both owned by The Oval Office. According to Brandon Pickett only one lot is marked as parking for the Oval Office and the other is not marked at all leading one to believe that the unmarked lot behind The Excess Night Club is for their patrons. This apparently is not true for when Brandon and Clara emerged from The Excess they found their automobile was gone.

A quick phone call to the police revealed the car had been towed by The Oval Office Night Club.  Pickett observed that there were three of their employees watching both lots waiting for unsuspecting clubbing drivers to park in one of their lots. Of course everyone parks in the unmarked lot thinking it's free parking for the Excess however as soon as they go in a call is made to the Police who ticket the car and the tow truck waiting around the corner moves in and tows the car to a waiting lot where it is stored for the owner at his expense. A very nice convenient money making plan for all.

After a few phone calls and heated conversations with the towing company dispatcher and the people at The Oval Office, Pickett gets no satisfaction. Clara with a cool head calls the dispatcher again asking how to rectify the situation and get her car back that night. He tells her he will have the tow truck driver call her. When the driver shows up at the lot, it's a Hilltop Towing truck and Justin Sobieck as operator. Justin was able to get the car back and spare Brandon the charges but he will have to pay the parking ticket. Sobieck works part time for Hilltop who has the towing contract for the sting operation but, judging by his long work hours and amount of jobs he is working on at one time it is unlikely that he is in on the take. Sobieck is probably just making an agreed upon amount per hour and that's it.

It is unknown if Val Snell-Tingley will carry the baby full term or if the thing will get too big and have to be force out early.
Justin stands in the background as Brandon smiles about the whole parking scam
Snell-Tingley has been impregnated since July and has allowed the baby to grow unfettered within her. With the baby due in March It could be possible the baby will need to come out early to avoid gigantism.
Val Snell-Tingley
Since the break up of the first J&J couple Alex Pickett has wasted no time in securing a relationship with Janel Englebert ending speculation about the two getting together after her failed engagement to Justin Sobieck.
Sobieck has since moved on as well and as covered previously is dating an identical twin working as a cocktail waitress.

Englebert is a waitress at The Olive Garden and has helped Pickett get a job there as well. As a waiter he is required to have non slip shoes.
Janel Englebert
This past week saw installation of digital television reception equipment at the Curry Lane Jail facility of Brown County, completing a project to digitalize the new jail and the downtown work release center.

The conversion entailed purchasing equipment to receive the digital signals from all 7 Green Bay stations and producing separate audio and video from each.  That signal would be fed to 7 new modulators tuned on unused channels on the existing VHF television band.  The stations can now be seen on channels 3,4,6,8,9,10,and 12. Channel 7 has been reserved for showing movies on Sunday provided the inmates were good that week.

Separate equipment was required for each installation and had to be duplicated between downtown and Curry Lane. This was by the way the cheapest and least labor intensive way to complete the digital conversion for both jails. With upwards of 50 televisions at the new jail and 30 some at the Work Release Center purchasing new TV's would have been a staggering sum.
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