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February 15, 2009
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Val Snell-Tingley
                   al Snell-Tingley has under a doctors advice given birth to a much smaller baby avoiding gigantism in the family.  Doctors said that had Snell-Tingley kept the child within the confines of her body he would have eventually burst out of her stomach just like the monster in Alien.

An anonymous letter this week to the Kat asks some serious questions. Kat's insight into the publishing industry is enlightening.

Dear Kat:
How come your husband is writing the truth in the
article about Pally??  That part is true but you left out some stuff.  Like Justin and Janel broke off the engagement because she was cheating on him with
Pally and that Pally is working at Olive Garden because he needed a job to stay out of jail do to a second DUI.  Come on if you are going to write the truth now put it all in there.  I think that it is kind of shady of both to do that to him.  His cuz of all people.

Dear anonymous reader:
My husband, the editor of the KAMR Newsletter section reports only what he can substantiate as fact. Such a delicate situation as you have described must be handled with great care if it is to be reported as fact in such a prestigious publication as The Newsletter. With no factual basis it is irresponsible journalism to report to our readers of such dastardly accusations without someone coming forward to confirm the story, thus opening ourselves to multimillion dollar lawsuits from people claiming slander. 

With that said we are still in the same situation as before your letter. No one has come forward with fact who is willing to identify themselves as a player in this fiasco. As for reporting a Pally DUI this publication does not make it a habit of reporting negative news, the ticket is already common knowledge, and working at The Olive Garden will not keep him out of jail but may give him work release privileges. We have reported the only thing we know for sure, Pally and Janel are seeing each other and Justin has a new girl friend.

Probably the best you can hope for here is for the same thing to happen to Pally as did to Justin, if indeed he has been wronged the same will come around for Pally. 

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
The Child has been born three weeks early and a C section was performed to release him from his imprisonment within a human body. Snell Tingley was told that tests were showing hypertension and delaying the birth could be dangerous for both the baby and her.
The baby weighed 7 lbs. and 12 oz. and is named Tyler Paul Tingley.

Are you ready for the digital transition? If you're not you don't have much time to complete the task before loosing two important signals this week. Channel 5 and Channel 14 have both announced they will be no longer feeding their main "air" video to their analog transmitters after Tuesday evening's broadcast is completed.

The transmitters will remain on however with what is called a digital night light. What that means is the signal will still be there but will not carry the usual programming found there today, instead it will carry either video or audio or both advising how to switch over to a digital receiver. Both stations announced the move shortly after President Osoma Obama announced the extension had been signed.

All the other Green Bay stations have signed on to extending the analog transmissions until the June 12 deadline now adopted by congress in their legislation of last week.

If you are concerned about other stations and their intentions in other areas of the Midwest you can view a list by clicking here.

Once again it is time to start thinking of our summer Timber Rattler outing and reserving the date. The only date available for a Saturday night game in July this year is July 11.

Last years large turnout has prompted me to reserve more tickets in advance. The amount can always be revised up to two weeks before the game but as I have found adding more seats results in people scattered around the stadium. I will reserve 45 tickets this year. If anyone knows any reason that July 11 is a bad day let me know soon before I reserve the tickets. There are many more dates available in June and August on a Saturday.