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February 22, 2009
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                    cott Treml has had another run of bad luck. While making his way to work and arriving at his destination, his place of business VPC Inc, he had an unfortunate accident while disembarking from his vehicle. Ice had formed next to his favorite parking spot and unaware of the solidified water Treml's foot went out from underneath him.
Treml fell in close proximity to his truck and as his head slammed into the running board as he lost control and fell backwards. He hit with such force that he had knocked himself out. When he awoke from his short nap he found that his head was wet with blood. In most cases Treml would pick himself up and go about his business but
blood was everywhere, and furthermore it just kept coming, surely this would scare the customers and be bad for business. He decided to seek medical treatment so he found what he could to put pressure on the wound and started his truck and headed for the hospital.

Upon arrival to the medical facility it was determined he would need a number of stitches and the would area would have to be shaved, so now Treml would also have a bald spot on his melon as well as a zipper.

After repairing his damaged basketball the medical staff noticed that Treml's eye ball was hanging out by the springs as he had torn the skin around it as well. Unaware that he had damaged a component to his optical system he was asked if they should fix that as well. He agreed and his eye was pushed back in and that area stitched up as well.

Because Treml was knocked unconscious he should have been held for observation but because they didn't ask he didn't tell either so he was allowed to leave with his bald spot, and his eye stitched up.

The previous date selected of July 11 has a conflict for some regular attendees, so a new date of June 27 is now being considered for the outing. Another alternative is August 1, but the June date seems to be preferred by most. I will wait a week and if no one voices a protest I will request the tickets for that date, so check your calendars.

A few regular attendees to the once popular "Chicken Night at Cliff and Ceils" were lamenting the fact that the regular Friday night phenomena has gone by the wayside and was not replaced when the aforementioned establishment closed it's doors.
Scott Treml
Many have expressed desires to find a new gathering spot and bring back the weekly tradition. Trying to find a spot with the same amenities and atmosphere as Cliff and Ceils is difficult to achieve and probably unattainable in this day of the sports bar and bistro but a new place will be tried just the same and if it works it may again become a weekly tradition.

The place is The Swan Club, a once popular place for weddings and large parties, but it has changed and is now in a different location. It has been transformed from a facility with multiple banquet rooms to one single room with seating for 800, so I'm sure it will be big enough. It's location has also changed and is now located at the corner of PP and Heritage Road adjacent to Legends Brew House and Eatery 875 Heritage Road, De Pere.
Original location of Chicken Night Cliff and Ceils
The tradition is to be born again anew at The Swan Club on Friday Night February 27, 2009 at 5:30 PM. Even the time remains the same!

If you still hold the special Chicken Night money used at Cliff and Ceils it will not work or be used as legal tender at The Swan Club.
Special Chicken Night money used at Cliff and Ceils
Eileen Sobieck the once popular Wal-Mart associate traded in her vest for an entry level part time job at Birch Creek assisted living over a year and a half ago. Her persistance has paid off and now she has been named the full time Acitivity Director at the facility.
The complex employs three people for activities but since her former boss was given walking papers and her co-worker has infected tonsils the bulk of the duties are on her now and she is working lots of hours.

Sobieck says the way activities were  handled in
the past was wrong and she plans to make a lot of changes. Sobieck: "A lot of the things we did in the past like exercising and crafts will be going by the wayside we just won't have time for that." Sobieck says she plans to put the seniors to work, she is bringing in an assembly line for assembling automobile parts, another group will be assembling printed circuit boards.

Although it is unclear where the profits will be going from these ventures or how much the seniors will be paid for their efforts Sobieck says "these old timers got to keep busy, you know idle hands are the devils workshop."  Other ideas Sobieck has are to produce textiles and television sets. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Trixie Sobieck
A typical Chicken Night crowd at Cliff and Ceils
A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo