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June 7, 2009

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Jean Poquette-Hansen
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Chicken Night News
                     s reported last week Jean Poquette Hansen was due back in the doctors office on Wednesday June 3rd for a cat scan of her lungs to determine if there is a health problem. During her exam in the hospital following an auto accident Poquette-Hansen was told that she had a spot on her lung and she should seek medical help for an accurate opinion as to what the problem could be.
Poquette-Hansen was informed after the cat scan that all the tests showed her lungs to be normal. When asked what then was the problem with the X-Ray that showed the spot she was told that it must have been a spot on the film.
They also told the Queen that they probably told her to seek additional medical opinions after finding the spot because of her excessive age, monarchy status and her diabetic condition, all mitigating factors for an accurate medical opinion.

Trixie and Kevin Sobieck plan to give their youngest son and popular race car driver Logan Sobieck a graduation party at their contemporary Hobart estate on Florist Drive on June 20th.
Often one hears someone say: Has anyone heard from Mike? Poquette that is, and more often than not the answer will be: No, I don't know if he's dead or alive. Well the answer is that he is alive.
I guess Jean Poquette-Hansen will have to wait a while before she can take that bereavement day for relatives she often brags about getting, apparently he had been in Jail somewhere in the western United States.

Dave Poquette tried numerous times to make contact with the elusive brother without success. Having heard one time that he
was in jail Dave questioned another brother whom Michael was one time in business with about his possible incarceration, John Poquette seemed dumbfounded by the news "My former business partner in Jail? I'm shocked that you would ever think I had anything to do with that."

Lacking more details it is unknown what Michael was incarcerated for or if the matter is now closed.  Kat had a casual meeting in the grocery store with Sherry mother of Michael's children and they report that he is out of jail and has contacted his offspring recently.
Mike Poquette
Sobieck known to family and friends as Cougar is somewhat of an icon around West De Pere where just the mere mention of his name causes employees to twist their necks around at Stein's Garden and Gifts where fellow class mates
of Cougars are employed in great numbers. 

It is not known what plans are for Cougar after high school concerning further education or entering the work force.  Sobieck may decide to pursue his professional racing career and seek sponsors to fund his NASCAR 4 cylinder racing dream.
As a service of the KAMR we remind you that Chicken Night will be held this week at Sidelines bar and grill in Ashwaubenon. Aaron Meeuwsen is due home on Tuesday and will be attending the gathering. The usual times and customs apply.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Cougar Sobieck