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June 14, 2009

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Chicken Night News
            f you think you have heard all the Bellin Run stories and are already sick of them and can bear no more you must hear this tragic finish line story.
Brandon Pickett committed early on to compete in the annual 10K run held in Green Bays historic hospital neighborhood. Poor weather and a lack of time were factors in his inadequate preparation that ultimately torpedoed his
goals in finishing at least as good as he did some 6 years ago. At that time in much better physical shape and after a ridged training schedule Pickett finished with an astounding  time of 48 minutes.  At that time with no women to upset his training and social commitments at a minimum Pickett easily completed the 6.2 mile course with plenty of steam to spare. Now since his recent marriage one year ago and loads of other family commitments Pickett has barely enough time to complete the minimum running needed to complete the race with out stopping to catch his breath, much less spiff up his time to match  his 2003 accomplishment.

Running a race without proper preparation is dangerous and Pickett paid the price for it. As the race wore on Pickett became exhausted and a shot of him randomly taken by news videographers shows he is wringing wet from perspiration. With the finish line in sight Pickett gave it everything he had as he could see the time flashing at 57 minutes, but without the proper preparation Pickett's legs cramped. With both legs cramping he went down right on the street amongst the runners. A staff team immediately came in and carried him off the street and provided fluids and got the cramping to stop but by that time the time had ticked down to 1 hour and 18 minutes.

After the race Pickett was barely able to walk to the meeting place in the park where his corporate tent was. It wasn't until Sunday that he was really able to walk around without pain.
Brandon Pickett
It is common knowledge for those who know Logan "Cougar" Sobieck that around Stein Garden and Gifts Sobieck is held in high regard by the staff and is treated as somewhat of a legend.
Just the mere mention of his name and zombie like high schoolers working the cash registers awake from their monotonous stares hoping to hear some news about their favorite classmate.  One would hardly believe that Sobieck could be held by fellow classmen and employees with such high regard for he does not appear to be as charismatic as needed for such a status.
Cougar Sobieck
His popularity seemed to shoot up when he was implicated in a scheme involving defecating in the plastic flowers and greens display in the store. An unnamed source to the KAMR claims that Sobieck was discharged from the popular flora and fauna chain when he was named as the main defecator in the plot. Evidence leading to his being charged as the main pooper date back to his long time fascination with his own feces. It was a well known fact that Sobieck kept photographs of some of his favorite toilet works in his bedroom. Often Sobieck would talk openly of how he would gyrate while in the process to see what type of design or "pile" he could create.
Sobieck has since found a job at the Robertson Dairy farm on County E in the Town of Oneida where bad defecation habits go largely unnoticed.

While this so called hobby seems strange it seems that this fascination with human waste is shared by at least one other member of the family. Sobieck's older brother Justin for many years was known to have kept a poop chart whereby his daily excretions were detailed in a journal kept by him. When enough information was collected a graph was generated for his mothers approval.

Once again Peg and Dan VanLanen will host the annual 4th of July party at their comfortable rural Town of Oneida home.

According to Peg VanLanen (the matriarch of the family) the gathering will begin after 2PM and a 4PM dinner is planned on the patio area of the compound. Meat and buns are going to be supplied by Peg and Dan but guests are encouraged to bring a dish to pass. The Kat will be making her famous potato salad and any other main entree should be cleared by the matriarch. Guests should bring their own drinks and snacks if they so wish.

After dinner a nice evening by the fire is planned on the patio and while Dan may have a limited supply of fireworks attendees are invited to shoot off their own after dark.
As mentioned last week Aaron Meeuwsen was in town and attended Chicken for the very first time. All the Meeuwsen's were on hand as well as Sue Wenzel and Tony along with Peg and Dan VanLanen. Tim and Joanne Lade arrived later having eaten earlier at The Olive Garden.

Adam Meeuwsen arrived with a new addition to the Chicken Night crowd and introduced his girl to the attending members. Amanda is her name and although she doesn't quite measure up to the 7 foot 11 inch frame of Adams she is 7 foot 1 inch herself. According to Adams mother Mary "Doats" Meeuwsen Amanda is capable of keeping up to Adam at the dinner table consuming food at an alarming rate, her narrow frame however seems to refuse to grow outward as she seems to remain slim and trim.

It is unknown when the next chicken night will be, next weekend is the party for Cougar Sobieck and the following week is the T-Rats outing. Keep checking here for the next date and meeting place.

That's all the news that is news see ya.
Brandon Pickett as he appeared on TV before he collapsed at the finish line