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June 21, 2009

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Cougar Sobieck
             n an early morning accident four weeks ago Mary "Doats" Meeuwsen crashed her husbands moped into a tree breaking her rib and causing shortness of breath and great pain for the entire morning. Although her injuries are described as non life threatening, her day was ruined.
Doat's husband Dick Meeuwsen places flowers from his bag around the tree Doats crashed into marking the spot where she was injured. Althought she will not die from the accident he says he wants to be "prepared in case something happens in the future. "
Meeuwsen 59 was encouraged by her husband and children to take the moped on a ride around her rural Suamico home and get accustomed to it with the possibility of using it to commute to and from work.  The motorized bicycle did not sustain irreparable damage in the accident however the injured Meeuwsen says she
will not ride the mechanical powered bicycle ever again.

Meeuwsen did not seek medical attention immediately after the crash but tried rubbing dirt on the injured spot and attempted to walk off the pain. When the pain became unbearable Meeuwsen demanded to be taken to hospital where the doctor confirmed by X-ray that a rib was broken. The doctor informed Meeuwsen that there was little they could do for her and the break would have to heal by itself. The doctor taped the broken rib to another good rib and sent her on her way with a prescription for pain pills.

Logan "Cougar" Sobieck languished as his graduation party spread out over grounds of the Sobieck compound throughout the afternoon on Saturday. Sobieck newly graduated from West De Pere High School two weeks before beamed as his photo was taken again and again as he was honored at the casual gathering.
Mary "Doats" Meeuwsen
Later on after most of the friends and relatives of Cougars parents said their good byes many more friends and classmates of Cougars showed up. This reporter left the party at 11:30 PM and classmates were still milling around in the garage. It is unknown if the power had to be turned off again and the hose turned on them to get them to leave.

This is the Saturday coming up of the scheduled Wisconsin Timber Rattler outing for the Axis of Evil.
Here is a rundown of the usual stuff in case you forgot.

Gates for the lot open at 4PM it would be nice if a number of people could plan to come at that time so we can get a large area behind our vehicles to set up for tailgating. We are at the mercy of the lot attendants as to where we can park and set up. 

Bring your own meat and buns with a dish to pass.
Bring your own drinks for tailgating before and after the game. The Kat is making a large bowl of potato salad and Trixie is making screw salad. Kevin Sobieck and I and Brandon will bring grills and cook you food for you. Tickets will be passed out at the game.  If you still have questions call the newsroom at 920-869-2368 and ask for Mike. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
When not posing for photos Sobieck leisurely rode his mini bike around the compound expending nervous energy pent up inside from not being able to work during what is a usual workday for the farm laborer. So desperate was Sobieck for something to do he began picking up and cleaning after some of the guests departed from the party. 
A katandmick photo