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June 28, 2009

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                      ccording to an unnamed source close to THE NEWSLETTER Eileen Trixie Sobieck had to be pulled from her pool this week. The incident occurred while Sobieck was doing research into a new program whereby seniors are introduced to water aerobics.

The unidentified source claims that Sobieck quickly became disoriented and incoherent in the pool after she joined Trixie and Kevin for a cool dip on one of those hot days this last week. Sobieck who is dedicated to her job has been known to take her work home in the past and once again she has sacrificed her own health for the sake of research for her employment. Checking to see how many summer hummers could be consumed while performing the taxing water exercise she was suddenly overcome and had to be extricated from the pool.
The source who identifies herself as a relative but not a sister says that she is also a member of the renown  "Axis of Evil" and was genuinely worried about Sobieck and her welfare.  As Sobieck lost all motor control the unnamed source and
Sobieck's husband Kevin managed to get the off duty activity director up on to the deck with a team effort as Kevin pulled her lifeless body while our source worked the lower extremities into a locomotion allowing her to climb the stairs from the pool. After making it to safety Sobieck collapsed on the deck and with little movement and only a periodic moan she slowly began the long trip back to consciousness.

Our unnamed source was so taken back by the ordeal she had to take a few moments for herself in the Sobieck bathroom to regain her composure. After a short period and when she felt the vomiting was over our source again made her way to the deck to check on Trixie who was by this time moaning louder and more frequently moving. Kevin remained on his giant rubber duckie enjoying the afternoon sun and the pools cool water. It is not known how the results of the of the aquatics program research worked out or if it is complete.

The annual Wisconsin Timber Rattler outing went off as planned but with a few notable flaws. The weather was not perfect and the game had to be stopped twice for rain. The first time was only on the order of a couple of minutes for the delay.
Eileen Trixie Sobieck
A katandmick photo
The second and somewhat longer delay was on the order of 20 to 25 minutes with the field being covered for that duration by the grounds staff. The rains were not enough to become drenched even if you stayed in your seat. The only fans in our group taking exception to the weather was Peg and Dan VanLanen who called it a night after the 3rd inning shower. Dan VanLanen who by the way just had knee surgery was without his crutches and a disappointed Trixie missed out on turning him in to security for beating Peg with his crutch.

Not only did the rain delays extend the game but the teams could not seem to break the 1 to 1 tie on the score board from the 4th inning on and into the bottom of the 14th inning. The Rattlers eventually won the game on an error by the Peoria Chiefs allowing a runner to score, much to the chagrin of the Cub fans sitting behind us in row I.

Many of the fans and a number of people in our group were disappointed by the announcement in the 12th inning of the cancellation of the fireworks. Citing a pretentious Town of Grand Chute ordinance, no one is allowed to shoot off fireworks after 10:30 PM. Apparently the people of Grand Chute are too smug to allow ball fans a few simple pleasures after the game. Upon hearing the announcement many fans gathered their things and headed for the exits especially those with children.

Many photos were taken with the free camera given to the group by the T-Rats group desk and they will be published when we get it developed. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Kevin floats on his giant rubber duckie in their pool while Trixie conducts research on her new aquatics program for work