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March 1, 2009
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A katandmick photo
            n these financially challenging times that see the corporate bonus cut to the bone, corporate retreats and holidays canceled, and the sale of numerous helicopters and private planes, yet another stunning announcement rocks the corporate world. Brandon Pickett who has hosted the infamous "Bracket Buster Days" for sales colleagues and select friends during NBA basketball playoffs has announced that the tradition will no longer continue and is canceling this years event.
Pickett who has hosted the event for the past two years explains that with rising energy costs and unemployment figures nearing the double digits it didn't seem prudent to continue with the yearly ritual of lounging, overeating, and consuming adult beverages in the wake of these hard economic times.

The event that was scheduled for the last week of March attracted as many as 60 people in one night.
Although the meat, hamburgers, hot dogs and Brats were provided by the hosts, guests were encouraged to bring support items to the food table such as buns, pickles, snacks and whatever suited their needs. Pickett also supplied the beer but sold cups to attendees to evade legal responsibilities should someone get too drunk. Playoffs and partying began in earnest on Friday evening and ran through Sunday afternoon ending in the evening.

A projector displayed the basketball video provided by Time Warner Cable on the built in wall screen while guests munched on popcorn or other snacks and food and watched. Others amused themselves with a game of pool on the billiard table in the back of the basement.

Will it return someday? Pickett says if economic times improve and popcorn prices plummet he would consider it again as long as no stimulus monies are used for the celebration.
A katandmick photo
Jason Schmunkey and the Dhue man pencil in bracket holders during last years Bracket Buster Days at Brandon Picketts plush Ashwaubenon home.
With winter dragging on and people shut in for months the reinstatement of Chicken night couldn't have come at a better time. Attendees met at Legends Brewhouse and Eatery on Heritage road in De Pere about 5:30 and dinner was served about 6:30. Fourteen people were in attendance and happy faces were everywhere.

Jean Poquette Hansen Queen of Chicken Night at the previous gathering place of Cliff and Ceils presided over the christening of the new location as she cut the ceremonial ribbon with giant scissors signaling a new era of Chicken Night.
Jean Poquette Hansen fixes her crown as she is about to take her throne at Chicken Night in Cliff and Ceils
Although there was a bit of confusion over the location of the meeting place everyone found each other in plenty of time. The Fat Club had suggested The Swan Club as the meeting place and upon arrival attendees found the Swan Club to be closed, apparently the facility only caters to weddings and large events and not to walk ins. Everyone seemed to make the standard assumption that it was all happening at Legends which is where it did.

My own observation is that the food is a bit pricey but there is plenty of room and seating for our group. Aside from another patron in the same room playing loud phone messages it was a great atmosphere in the dining room.

When asked about the next Chicken Night meeting I was told that no one had come up with a better place so I guess this will be the regular Chicken Night meeting spot from now on, see you next week?
Chicken Night patrons smile for a table photo
Eugene Cornelius JR. or Blackie as he is known has had shoulder surgery to repair damage from when he was delivering beer according to his younger brother Jules Cornelius.
A katandmick photo
Dear Kat
I for one am tired of this whole sorry mess, Janel poor misguided Janel,  hopefully with some guidance and counseling by a happily married couple like yourselves (Kat and Mick) she will see the errors of her ways and maybe get some cleaning tips from the Kat.. but for now lets put this unfortunate situation behind us and get back to the happy close knit family that we once were. So with that I propose that we start up Chicken night again and start more happy memories, Also on another note when are the Red gobblers going to retire their useless Quarterback and make it a game their cheerleaders can be proud of and actually stay outside and cheer for once instead of getting drunk off their ass. Speaking of those Sexy cheerleaders when are they going to show some more skin  or at least put some BEDDAZZLE on those outfits!

Thank you, A concerned reader

Dear Concerned Reader:
I agree with you about the whole Janel thing, but I wonder what Justin's mom thinks about it? Perhaps we should hear from her. I would love to give Janel some tips on keeping an organized home so next time you see her tell her to come over, OK?

As far as Chicken night goes, well I wonder if that can ever work again, what about the Queen, will she approve?

Who is that Red Gobbler Quarter Back again? Those Cheerleaders should be encouraged to show more skin, you hit the nail on the head there.

Dear Kat:
This is Justin's Mom, please let this whole misfortunate incident go and lets get on to happier times.

Love Trixie

Dear Trixie:
I agree with you about dropping the whole misfortunate incident thing, but what about concerned readers? Shouldn't we get their opinion, shouldn't we hear from them?

Thanks everyone for your comments, and keep writing in.
That's all the news that is news, see ya.
The elder brother is employed by Valley Cabinet and had the surgery on February 20th. Because he is an avid hunter he hesitated to take any more than two days off of work so he could save his vacation for hunting season.