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March 15, 2009
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Brittany Sobieck announces who's in the wedding party
                    s plans progress for the wedding between Brittany Sobieck and Jeremy Rezek candidates for the wedding party are being finalized and confirmed well in advance of the October 2010 date. With Sobieck's penchant to mingle with royalty it was no surprise to see one of her first selections was Jean Poquette Hansen the Queen of Chicken Night. 
Hansen a distinguished resident of Greenleaf and continuing member of the Axis of Evil is to be paired up with Sobieck's brother Logan. Hansen informed Sobieck's youngest brother
that trying anything with her would yield no results as she is his Aunt and it would be inappropriate. With nervous giggle and a look that could only be described as a mix between confusion, and disgust Logan nodded in agreement.
Jean Poquette Hansen
Sobieck's next selection was again an active member of the Axis of Evil but  without the notoriety of a royal background. Stephonia Prevost Sobieck's cousin, and occupant of the Prevost
Mansion on the Royal Scot  Golf Course with her husband Rick, will also stand in the party.

Rounding out the Axis of Evil is the mother of the bride Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck" who understandably is not standing in the wedding party but will be close enough by to participate in any acts of evil should a need arise, emergency or otherwise.
Stephonia Prevost
The Axis of Evil in 2003
With the dissatisfaction and the inability to choose a suitable weekly public venue to hold Chicken Night participating members gathered last week at the Kat and Mick offices to meet and consume chicken prepared at a local super market along with Kat's famous mashed potatoes. Others chose to bring pizzas and bread sticks and consume those. Discussion never made it's way around to choosing another public offering for the CN group to meet at but members seemed content to meet next week at the Sobieck Home on Florist Drive in Hobart. Another offer was extended by Stephonia Prevost to host Chicken Night at her home in the Town of Scot the following weekend.

Brandon Pickett who has been attending Chicken Night every week since it's reinstatement has offered Chicken Night attendees to stop in for a drink and a view of his new kitchen after dinner Friday at the Sobieck's. He is boasting of beer on tap and will have his big screen projector fired up to view collegiate basketball at it's best.
A katandmick photo
Let's move on to happier, more carefree topics....such as the NEW idea for Chicken Night.  Or Brittany Sobieck...hey I heard she was getting married next THAT is newsworthy material.  Or just about any other topic including
the current state of our economy ....even that would be, in my humble opinion, be a much more pleasant topic of conversation rather than this Janel Business.


Dear Anonymous:
Legally you are right of course, I say we go back to the Brittany stories.

Dearest Kat:

  I don't know who else to turn to. After a rather "rocky marriage" I recently caught my husband throwing stones at another woman. I don't know who to blame, the "tart" who's a slow target, or my husband for his wonderful pitching arm; accuracy; and use of gravel.  I long for the days when I was his only target, bobbing and weaving; a zigzag pattern in our driveway.  I could always tell how much he cared for me when he would pepper me in the back as I dove under the clothesline.  We'd then make sweet, passionate love on the un-mowed lawn with all the heavens looking down on us with great jealousy. Then we would lie there, exhausted and satisfied, with the welts on my back and shoulders crying out in harmony, "This is good, this is very good". Is this relationship worth saving? I must say I do miss the scabs and the cardio was great, but can you base a marriage on less and less frequent stonings?

Stone-Cold Jane Austin

Dear Jane:
Strange as this may seem to you this reminds me of a disagreement I had with my husband when I started menopause over an unreasonable request on my part for a fountain soda from McDonalds. We had been shopping and my husband got a soda from the store and asked me if I wanted one, not wanting to show weakness and give in I demanded fountain soda from McDonalds, meaning we'd make another stop on the way home. I could see this irritated my husband but being the sweet man he is he said nothing and drove to McDonalds.

Once there I ordered him to go into the crowded fast food restaurant and fetch my soda. After waiting nearly 15 minutes I went in looking for him and foaming at the mouth from anger. He was almost up to the counter when I demanded he come back to the car and drive me home, I no longer wanted soda.

Needless to say he rejected my decision and spoke to me of his disagreement on the way home. Because of his insolence when we arrived home on our gravel driveway I picked up a handful of stones and threw it at him. Surprised at what had hit him he picked up more gravel and threw it at me in self defense while he looked for shelter. The poor man must have thought I was crazy but it was just the menopause throwing the stones.

In your case I think you must be in a negative universe, you know like when Cartman accidentally wound up in the negative universe and all his friends were evil and his good twin wound up in the positive universe. Anyway I suspect you are entering menopause and your husband is stoning you less because it's backwards from what we have here. Apparently the KAMR and the internets are more far reaching then I thought. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Dear Kat:
In the last Ask the Kat letter, Kat suggested to Trixie that the report get opinions from other concerned readers about this whole "Janel business".  Last I heard Janel didn't have any business (legal business that is) so in my opinion I must agree with Trixie....Sorry Kat.