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March 22, 2009
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Logan Sobieck takes a job working at the Robertson Diary Farm.
Stephonia Prevost
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                  ogan Sobieck has had a number of jobs in his short life working for other people. He has worked for a landscaping contractor, a dog kennel and most recently for Stein Garden and Gifts where the mere mention of his name causes most if not all the employees to perk up and take notice as to who's talking about their beloved idol "Cougar." After noticing the interest when Logan's name came up I questioned the staff about the former leader of the Oneida posse. One employee working the front checkout gleefully volunteered that he had indeed not only known Logan but was attending high school with him and further more he was in his class. Surely he must have considered it a privilege to be in the presence of a great master of the track and one of racing's future icons.  But for what ever reason Sobieck left the garden and gift store some time ago and has not pursued another career since.

Earning little or no money is not desirable when competition is drawing near at the Seymour Speedway. Racing is costly and the purse never makes up for what is spent on the car to get ready for the next race. That's why Sobieck needed to find work soon, with the snow melting and days getting longer Sobieck is again getting the fever to run again and it's time to start getting his car in shape.

Cougar has held all those jobs in the past but none is as fulfilling or means as much as his new job as a hand working on the Robertson Dairy Farm located on County Road E in the Town of Oneida. Sobieck follows in the footsteps of many of his own relatives who toiled over the years at "The Farm" as it was called by all that worked there. Why, Sobieck's own brother Justin worked at the farm only a couple years ago and was sad to leave but needed a bigger challenge and more money to support his need for a diesel pick up truck.
"Cougar" shows a Mexican farm hand a trick on how to get the cows attention
Reports from the farm indicate Sobieck has meshed well with other employees whom are mostly of the Mexican descent.  Sobieck has even offered to share some of his own methods and "tricks of the trade" as it were, that he learned from his own brother with his new Hispanic brothers in dealing with stubborn cattle.
Soon Cougar will have earned enough to start working on his next car for Seymour and we will report on that when it  is ready.

Friday Night at the Chicken Night gathering at the Sobieck residence Brittany Sobieck announced that her own cousin Stephonia Prevost was asked to be her maid of honor and she has accepted.
Logan "Cougar" Sobieck
Prevost 42, was thought to be a too old to be a maid of honor at the wedding and most speculators had guessed a much younger girl to be selected for the honor.  With Jean Poquette Hansen 51 on the bill the only likely candidate was thought to be Megan Krueger at 22. It seems
the cousins are not as friendly as they used to be and after a brief discussion with Sobieck's aunt Darla (owner of the wildly popular Shear Dementia beauty salon)  it was thought that with enough prep work and some creative makeup work Prevost could be made to look as young as 32 thus getting her in the ball park for age. So Sobieck 23, decided to run with it.
Meanwhile at the dinner table a discussion came to pass as to how many children the couple will have. While the brides mother Trixie advises that she is not sanctioning any more than one child the groom Jeremy Rezek would enjoy having at least 5 children.
Brittany Sobieck the bride said that if she was to have five children she would be leaving after the fifth child leaving one to think that she is in favor of something between one and five. Rezek however stuck to his original plan of having 5 children and said he would not hear of anything less. Rezek who in his spare time shaves his head and shops for sunglasses that make him
Jeremy Rezek
resemble an alien form hopes that he can teach these skills to any offspring they may have.

Several times a year the Kat cooks brunch for her family members on Sunday morning with great success. Last year she took the process one step further and invited her friends "The Fancy Ladies" to a similar brunch which was also successful.
The Fancy Ladies sit at bruch last fall at the KAMR offices
Only last week the Kat planned another brunch designed to top any other brunch up to this date. She planned to have The Fancy Ladies combined with random employees from the Lamers garage in De Pere and as an added bonus retired employees from the Lamers West De Pere site as well. These three groups combined would top attendance from any previous brunch planned thus far.

I was commissioned to assist in the endeavor in exchange for undisclosed favors at a later date. I took two days of vacation to help with the preparations and the actual preparation of the food on the day of the brunch. Everything went well and everything was on schedule the day of the gathering. The hour had arrived and two retirees had showed up, Carol Linskins and Virginia Gildernick both from the heart of The Town of Lawrence. We waited with baited breath unsettled as yet as to whether we should fry more bacon or not, but alas the pair already seated in the cold room would be the first and last to come. No fancy ladies or miscellaneous random employees, no one. Much food had to be given away and preparations for future brunches of such kind scrapped.
That's all the news that is news, see ya.
June 27, 2009     6:35 PM
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