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May 10, 2009
June 27, 2009     6:35 PM
The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
The Peoria Chiefs
Fox Cities Stadium

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A katandmick photo
                     n a quiet and private ceremony last week Andrew Purshock and Gabagail Doe were married without cameras and reporters to record the event for the media. As you may already know Andrew's father Stephen Purshock or better known as Al Gore pulled his political clout and secretly arranged the ceremony in a clandestine location.

Purshock the son of a famous vice president could have had his choice of any girl but picked the poor cleaning girl Gabagail because it was true love. Purshock noticed this girl, a member of the cleaning staff and after a while got acquainted with her. Soon small talk grew to larger things and he was asking her out after her cleaning shift. The couple decided on marriage not long after TB IX in which Purshock was a key player for the Blue
Jell-O's. Purshock who was named as the MVP of TB VII once again nearly took the prestigious award for TB IX but judges were unable to decide on an MVP so none was named for last years game. The MVP award he received in 2006 propelled his college football career.

Purshock's father had the couple whisked away in a limousine and with the help of the secret service the wedding was hidden from the paparazzi. News media and the KAMR were kept at bay to keep the public from becoming a part of the wedding.

Purshock who is 19 had to get special permission from Gabagail's parents because she is only 15, teen age weddings are not as easy to perform as they once were in the south. The parents gave the thumbs up and they were on their way to the alter.

The new Purshock's spent several days on the beach in a condo in Fort Walton Beach as the guests of Steve and Cheryl but have now settled down to living day to day in a garden shed in their back yard at 630 Russell Boulevard. in Fort Walton Beach. Steve says this is temporary until he can get Andrew a job that doesn't leave a large carbon footprint.
Steve and Andrew Purshock and Gabagail Doe pose for the camera before the wedding
Eleven people attended the in house Chicken Night at the KAMR offices in the Town of Oneida Friday night with two of the people counted being children. Kat tried to prevent chicken from being served by proclaiming that the food was to be pizza and wine only, but Stephonia Prevost had the presence of mind not to listen to the overly bossy Kat and she brought chicken anyway.

There seemed to be an unspoken agreement by all attending that the weekly meeting of the Chicken Night crowd was becoming too much of a burden and limitations should be set in place for meeting frequency. Most people attending felt that a monthly meeting was in order and that a reoccurring named Friday night should be selected as the meeting night so that everyone would know what day the Chicken Night is for that month. No day was selected as the monthly meeting day as of yet.

As soon as that was settled Snow Danforth announced that next Friday Chicken Night was to be at her Village of Howard home located at 1143 Beachwood at the regular time. That's all the news that is news see ya.