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May 17, 2009
June 27, 2009     6:35 PM
The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
The Peoria Chiefs
Fox Cities Stadium

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A  Todd Wiese photo
Brittany Sobieck and Jeremy Rezek are committed to buying this home
                         ith real estate values at a bargain these days Brittany Sobieck and the one that never made it to the pile Jeremy Rezek have settled on their dream home. The couple is purchasing a home at 5171 Highway 29 within the settlement of Poland on the corner of Hwy. 29 and County Trunk T.

The home which is within walking distance of Eddie Whips, and is by the way going to be Brittany's new hang out, is also nestled between two county parks. Lily Lake located directly west of the home is less than two miles as the crow flies. The swamp known as Neshota Park is Three miles to the south on County Trunk T, the two parks provide adequate recreation including fishing, cross country skiing, and hiking or horse back trails. Six miles to the north is the community of New Franken, a baron isolated ghost town with little to offer than 10c chicken wings on Thursday nights at the local tavern. Little lye's to the east unless you are willing to travel the 15 mi plus to the lakeshore Village of Kewaunee the county seat. Heading west on Hwy. 29 however is a different story with the Village of Bellevue only minutes away at a distance of 5 mi, the famous Redwood Inn just a stones throw.

Even though the couples wedding is still over a year in the future the two have combined their incomes to obtain a loan and the closing will occur Friday June 19. Sobieck says that the new home is only 10 minutes away from her work and Rezek's employer is based in Bellevue on Hwy 29 less than 5 mi from his new home also minimizing driving time for him as well.

Sobieck is satisfied that the location will be suitable for raising children and is in the Denmark School District. Earlier Rezek had indicated that he would prefer to father  about 6 children but Sobieck says that he was kidding and that there will be no more than two. She is holding fast to that number and insists she will ensure that it is medically impossible for there to be more. She also insists there will be no children for at least 5 years. The couple expects to be moved in by the end of June.
Chicken Night has not been rescheduled to occur again in the foreseeable future. The gathering Friday night at Snow Danforth's home in Howard was somewhat sparse again with only the die hard members attending. The 11 members attending included relatives of Snows or the count would have been the lowest since the reincarnation of the Chicken Night phenomena.

Tickets for the T-Rat outing on June 27 must be ordered within the next two weeks to assure you will not be left out. Please check the list here to make sure your tickets are ordered. Tickets are to be paid for by the end of the month as well because I will need to pay for them when I finalize the ticket purchase. With 21 tickets still unspoken for there are still plenty of seats available to invite friends. Remember I will need your ticket order with payment no later than Saturday May 30. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Popular couple plans for the future by purchasing a home in a convenient location.