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November 4, 2007
This week we hear from an old friend who quips about recent topics.

Dear Kat:

Hey, I heard this winter is supposed to be extremely SNOWy in Wisconsin is that true???

Oh and did you know we have 2 WALMARTs within 10 miles of us??

Signed, Millie from Chili

Dear Millie:

Let's address your last comment first. It is true there are two Wal-Marts within ten miles of most people here and three Wal-Marts within ten miles of many others in the Green Bay area. That is why they are identified by various key words that are used to create a unique name for each one. The West Mason Mart is known as the "The Ghetto Wal-Mart" because it serves the west side of Green Bay and Oconto. The De Pere Mart is "The upscale Wal-Mart" because it is situated in a high nose area of the Fox Valley. The East side Mart is known as "Little Mexico" because of the high concentration of Latin American population which saturates the store.

Now about the weather comment, There are no TRIX involved in getting SNOW to fall in Wisconsin in the winter. It is the natural phenomenon of frozen precipitation in the form of white or translucent hexagonal ice crystals that fall in soft, white flakes. Of course I do not wish to belabor the topic as many of you have heard more than you care to already about SNOW in the last few months.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
                 hursday evening Jean Poquette Hansen visited the Upscale Wal-Mart in De Pere and purchased some cleaning supplies, and a mop.
The Kat observing what Hansen had purchased made an impromptu offer for Hansen to come and clean her home. Hansen declined immediately citing reasons of control as to why she had to turn
down the Kat's gracious offer.

Hansen said she would come and put the Pickett domicile in shape but the Kat would have to completely relinquish control and allow Hansen to rid the home of unnecessary clutter, shoes and trinkets. (The actual number of shoes owned by the Kat is yet unknown due to many packed away in boxes of various unsorted materials.) 

Hansen along with her sister Trixie have tried to clean the Kat's house before but threw up their hands in frustration before leaving the home unfinished with cupboards still containing a mish mash of unsorted cooking materials and cleaning supplies. Hansen says she will no longer tolerate these halfhearted attempts at cleaning and will only cooperate if she is allowed to have the authority to decide what stays and what goes. The Kat unable to see much of her precious trinkets and shoes hit the curb refuses to give Hansen the nod required to seal the agreement. 

Snow Danforth the life partner and co-worker of Trixie Sobieck is scheduled to speak to Cheryl Purshock according to Sobieck. Purshock who moved to the south early in life has developed a
Jean Poquette Hansen
fake, but still convincing southern accent and Sobieck wants to compare that against the accent of Snow Danforth. Danforth also a southern transplant lived in South Carolina for many years and recently sold her domicile and moved to Green Bay.

In an attempt to get the two on the line together
Sobieck called THE KATANDMICK REPORT headquarters Wednesday night with the objective of getting Purshock's phone number, however after a short time on the phone Sobieck forgot what she had called for. As she sat at Sidekick's Bar she thought and remembered later what she had called about, however the drooling word slurring Danforth was a poor comparison by that time, so the experiment was postponed to a later date. Sobieck has not yet said when a new date would be set for the experiment.
Cheryl Purshock