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November 18, 2007
The local Hobart retail queen has given notice to the discount chain and her pal Snow is devastated.
             even months ago Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck was elated that she had landed a job at discount giant Wal-Mart and better yet she had gotten the job with the agreement of no weekend work.
This had meant that she no longer had to pick up aluminum cans in the ditches of Hobart to contribute to the much needed family income. For the first time she would have a real job with real responsibilities and a real paycheck.
For Trixie leaving Wal-Mart is not the end of her working career, Sobieck has applied for and accepted an offer to be an assistant to the director of activities at Birch Creek Assisted Living in De Pere. Working in activities she will be responsible to help the elderly in what ever they need to complete the events they have planned for them that week. Such activities may include line dancing, water skiing in the summer, and sky diving, Sobieck will be at their side at all these events. Along with the events Sobieck will host programs of arts and crafts projects and will help the people assemble their projects.

Sobieck's departure from Wal-Mart is not because she didn't like the work, her problem was with the management and denial of one day off she had asked for. Sobieck had attended work every day she was scheduled for. Knowing that the Turkey Bowl was coming she had asked for Thanksgiving Day off but was denied. Sobieck had seen this coming and when the job opening at Birch Creek came up she applied. Her last day at Wal-Mart will be November 27th and she will start her new job November 28th.

Leaving Wal-Mart will mean Sobieck will be leaving co-workers she had made friends with over the past 7 months. Most affected by her departure will be her best friend Snow Danforth. Danforth has been so hard hit by Sobieck's  job switching that she has
been seen regularly drinking at Sidekicks bar in De Pere. Friends and co-workers  of Danforth can be seen whispering to one another saying that she is at Sidekicks like clockwork every Wednesday night consuming alcoholic beverages.
A major force of the Blue Jell-O's offence making them a formidable opponent and dominant team in the XPFL is unable to play in this years league extravaganza. Jules "Willie" Cornelius has broken his foot in a practice game
Snow Danforth
Trixie Sobieck
and will not play in the Turkey Bowl according to sources close to the football legend. Cornelius who dominated the field with his running abilities sometimes dragging two to three Red Gobblers along with him is on crutches and can only coach from the sidelines.
Red Gobblers team captain Brandon Pickett when told of the Cornelius agreed that the Jell-O's offence would not be as strong without the running back but hesitated at the notion the game was being handed to the Gobblers on a silver platter. Pickett "Even without Willie they are still a tough team and we will have to do our best to shut down their offence."

As if the absence of Cornelius from the huddle weren't enough, news that last years MVP Andrew Purshock will not be attending Turkey Bowl has just been confirmed as this column is being written. The Purshocks who regularly make the trek from Florida to Wisconsin for Turkey Bowl will not be attending this year because Cheryl is in Japan to train Japanese military in the art of military paperwork shuffling.

In an effort to regain the physique she maintained in her younger days Joanne Lade has allowed surgeons to repair her knee which had been bothering her for weeks. The 52 year old insurance professional is on her feet a lot taking care of two old men, a dog, and a cat in her upscale 5,000 square foot Allouez home.
Willie Cornelius
In an effort to help out and augment the family income Logan Sobieck has accepted a job offer at Stein Garden and Gifts in Ashwaubenon. Formerly Logan had been working for hydroseeding of Wisconsin but has been laid off with the end of seasonal weather. Before that he had worked for Dairy Queen in De Pere.
Lade who lacks the funds to hire a staff to take care of the daily duties in the mansion has been attending to the chores herself and has worn her knees to the point of bone on bone without the luxury of cartilage.
Joanne Lade
Tim Lade the younger of the two old men she takes care of and her husband has assumed some of the duties on her once long list.

See you at Turkey Bowl, that's all the news that is news.