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November 25, 2007
The Hobart Blue Jell-O's upset the Oneida Red Gobblers without the aid of "The Bus".
                 n easy year everyone thought as the game was about to begin, The  Red Gobblers were in great physical shape, Alex Pickett was back from Germany and poised for as many receptions as needed to win, Schmunkey TB VI MVP was back, healthy ready to go, and team captain Brandon Pickett was confident that a Red Gobbler win was eminent. Even Jean Poquette Hansen a Blue Jell-O Cheerleader had already conceded defeat as she taunted the red team crying of unfair sides before the game had even begun.

When the game did begin it seemed that the Gobblers would answer to last years dominant Blue Jell-O's victory making the first touchdown. In the second play of the game a Blue Jell-O's player Randy Schwake got his bell rung and was out for most of the game.
Schwake a rookie last year was expected to step up and take a more important role in this years Turkey Bowl, but unfortunately injured and sent to the locker room for X-rays for most of the game he was not a factor. Schwake emerged later to confirm he was OK but
was sporting a black eye and a large egg where he got hit in the forehead.

Things seemed to be going from bad to worse for the Jell-O's but in just a few moments things began to turn around with the Blue team scoring a touchdown and answering back to the Gobblers early scoring drive. Was this some kind of fluke? Had coverage been blown somewhere? How could this happen the red team thought. Clearly the Gobblers had underestimated the talent on the Blue team and had not trained well enough. Receiver AB Cassell had taken in four touchdowns connecting from Justin Sobieck who had held the QB position the entire game, other players had stunning receptions as well, even 10 year old Cedric Cassell caught a pass for a first down. Rookie Ed Kokes carried the ball in place of the Bus with great success.

The Red Gobblers played well with Alex Pickett playing Quarter Back the entire game and throwing completions to Brandon Pickett and Jason Schmunkey for touchdowns. Gary Meeusen, Grace Veale, Jordan Veale, and Chrissy Meeusen all had tremendous receptions and carried the ball for first downs or large gains but it was not enough to dominate the Blue Jell-O's who emerged victorious in the end with a score of 63 to 56 the highest scoring game ever in the XPFL. 
The Blue Jell-O's pose for the wining team photo
Randy Schwake after the hit
This years event included a new award for most valuable cheerleader which was conceived at the last minute by Trixie Sobieck and awarded to Jean Poquette Hansen for her work in single handedly cheering the Blue Jell-O's to an upset victory.
Poquette-Hansen who had felt the victory was because of her, accepted the award and gave an acceptance speech much of which was barely understandable and mostly gibberish.

Not all the cheerleaders were happy though, Clara Snell cheering for the Oneida Red Gobblers was so disappointed in the loss suffered by the team she
Jean Poquette Hansen gingerly accepts the most valuable cheerleader award
announced that evening she was canceling the wedding between her and team captain Brandon Pickett citing the embarrassment suffered by her in "marrying a loser". Snell was urged by her sister Val Snell and friends not to make any rash decisions in the wake of the Turkey Bowl loss but to wait for the wounds of
the loss to heal and think it over again before announcing any plans concerning the wedding.

Look for the XPFL page to be updated soon with more photos, that's all the news that is news, see ya.
Clara Snell