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Would you like to submit it for next years calendar? Send your photo to Tim Lade for consideration in next years fund raising calendar. The photo can be either a print or in digital form. To submit your photo either e-mail a copy to Tim via or send the print to Tim in the US Mail at 3036 Ravine Way, Green Bay 54301. Photos can also be dropped off or emailed to KAMR offices.
October 8, 2006
8 Year old bolts from the bus and has to be brought back kicking and screaming by a pair of high school boys.
             ver the past couple of weeks Tim Lade was trying to get to know the kids on his bus route and became friends with an 8 year old, but alas the friendship has now become strained at best and may be over at worst. Friday Lade had begun his night route as routinely as ever picking up at the East De Pere Schools and dropping kids on his near east side De Pere route.

He began to notice a growing problem with the 8 year old which he had become such good friends with, it seems he was not at all friends with everyone on the bus, especially to a girl on the route that is younger then him. Using his shoe he was trying to strike the girl on her head, when Lade saw this he immediately ordered the boy to sit looking forward and to leave the girl alone. The boy ignored Lades command and began to aggravate the girl even further resulting in the girls hand being bitten, seeing where this was going some of the rest of the kids on the bus shouted at the child to stop his obnoxious behavior as well. This provoked a reaction and the boy completely lost it, returning the shouts in three fold admonishing the rest of the

riders on the bus as they looked at each other in amazement wondering what had gotten in to the once reserved child.

At this point the boy sat on the entry steps of the bus muttering his plans to discontinue the riding of Lades bus in favor of bus 1210. Lade not wanting to irritate the child further and seeing he was being relatively quiet allowed the youth to sit on the steps. Lade would later regret that decision, when he opened the door to let off a scheduled stop the boy bolted and began running across a plowed field. By now on the busy highway behind him, cars were already backed up a quarter mile looking at his red flashing lights when two high school boys offered to retrieve the youth.  For Lade who had been instructed in training  never to leave his seat, and knowing if he chased the boy his heart would surly explode, this was an offer too good to refuse. Later he would be advised by management he shouldn't have allowed the boys to chase down the child. He should have first equipped the boys with pepper spray, batons and handcuffs before dispatching them for the duty.  The two boys received numerous bites and scratches from the escaped child. The defense items mentioned are carried in the bus's emergency child escape kit, had they been issued to the boys it may have prevented the injuries received from the battling youth.  In Lade's defense he did mention his kit did not contain the aforementioned handcuffs which are a favorite item pilfered by all the drivers.

Eventually he pulled over and allowed traffic to pass and kept the child captive on the bus until a legal  guardian arrived at the scene and picked him up. Statements were taken from all involved and a written report was already typed and ready to be reviewed by Lade upon his return to the bus garage. Needless to say that 8 year old will not be allowed back on to the bus until further notice. 

After selling his manufactured home in Las Vegas, John Poquette returned to his birthplace for a short visit. Spending time in the local pub known as The Gas Light Inn, Poquette liked one of the neon bar signs hanging in the widow so well he paid the proprietors, Fleet and Barb Jourdan,  $500 for it. Realizing the next day he had no place to hang his new sign because he had sold his one and only domicile, he immediately purchased his old motor home back from his brother Richard Poquette. Now at least Poquette has a place he can call home and proudly hang his neon beer sign.
Though no actual photo exists we do have an artists rendering of the disturbance on Tim Lade's bus.
By A Poquette
As mentioned in last weeks newsletter Jean Poquette Hansen will continue with the annual tradition of pumpkin carving with the children. Hansen who is not known to be friendly or even like children has opened her heart and doors for all to come and carve the pumpkin of their choice. It is a BYOP party (bring your own pumpkin) and it is not yet clear as to the percentage of carved pumpkins that will be retained by James Seidel, cohabitant of the home on Crippen Street, as compensation for hosting the party.

It shall be on Saturday October 21 at 1 PM and the Kat will bring chili. If you are planning to go and need more information or plan to bring a dish contact Jean Poquette Hansen at 864-2163. If you live out of the Greenleaf community Jean Poquette Hansen will not be able to call you due to numerous blocks put on her phone after a substantial number of calls to 1-900 numbers originating from her phone disrupted phone service in the Greenleaf area.

The new birthday page is up, that's all the news that is news, see ya.
Saturday October 28, 2006
War of the Workds at 7 PM
Party starts at 8 PM
Prizes for best costume
Music - Food
747 Florist Dr. Hobart
October 15, 2006
         everal months ago we reported about the wrist breaking accident of Jessie Poquette
(Newsletter July 30 edition) on a four wheeler. At that time it was hard to imagine Poquette would be responsible enough to be purchasing property, yet only 77 days later Poquette has struck a deal to purchase a home of her own. The house is nestled in a little community across from the Red Cross on Danz and Deckner Avenue in Green Bay. Poquette, who publicly has never uttered interest in owning her own home secretly told her mother Jean Poquette Hansen that she is sick of living in rented apartments and has decided to make the move and purchase her own home.
Financial arrangements for the time being have been simplified whereby Poquette has assumed the payments from another individual who no longer has interest in the property. The parties involved are willing to change the
ownership on paper and put Jessie into the picture.

Poquette Has resisted disclosing the purchase in hopes she can avoid throwing a house warming party. Demands for the house warming party should be forwarded to Jean Poquette Hansen who can be reached at 920-864-2163. If enough demands are forwarded to Hansen, Poquette's mother, she will put pressure on Poquette to have the party. Perhaps Jean Poquette Hansen will be assigned the task of making the sloppy joes for the affair, a delicacy I look forward to.

Jean Poquette Hansen must visit the optometrist again on Friday of this week to have yet another exam done on her eyes to determine if further surgery is necessary. Hansen who has already had two surgeries believes that the last time she was unconscious the optical MD had removed her eyes with out her permission and of course gotten them mixed up resulting in the wrong eyes replaced in the  sockets.
Jessie Poquette proud owner of Green Bay home
Hansen believes that they will again put her under and try to place the eyes back where they belong. This will be confirmed on Friday after her exam if they want to do another surgery.
Hansen has been on drops since the alleged eye switch took place and seems ambivalent to the whole situation. She is hoping to see well enough to conduct the pumpkin carving party next week at her Greenleaf home on Saturday.

For the last two years Tim Lade has graciously accepted the task of producing a calendar of family photos taken at events throughout the year. Sales of this calendar has been the single source of income for the XPFL to make improvements to the game and purchase equipment. Tim Lade has asked me to let everyone know that time is running short and he does not have enough photos to produce a calendar of the quality we are accustomed to seeing on the past two calendars. If he had to produce a calendar right now it would contain only one or two photos per page.

Lade asks that everyone scour through their archives and send Lade photos he can use. They can be in any format you have but of course the
Jean Poquette Hansen
digital format is the best. Print photos can be scanned in and returned to you. There's still time to get some of those important photos at upcoming events as well. Photos would be appreciated from Jean Poquette Hansen's pumpkin carving party, and the Dick and Cleen Halloween party. Those wishing to send in photos can email them in to Tim at or drop them off at his Allouez estate, 3036 Ravine Way.  That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Only 77 days earlier Jessie was riding irresponsibly on her four wheeler. How does she keep her face so clean?