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October 28, 2007
               y and overwhelming majority with a total of seven votes Dick and Cleen Poquette won the Costume Contest and the annual Halloween party held at their upscale Hobart Residence on Florist Drive. Trailing behind with only four votes was the neighbor across the street who was dressed as a bag lady.
Other costumes included Stacey Rose - a Wal-Mart cart boy in 5th place, The Schmumkeys - a pair of mummies, tied with Brandon - a butt pirate in 4th place and 3rd place went to a pregnant ferry, Clara Snell.

The Poquette's donned clown costumes to win the honor and loads of makeup to give themselves a "sad looking face" thus making them the sad clowns.
Unamed family member
An unnamed family member who did not attend the affair Saturday evening when told of Dick and Cleen, the sad clowns asked; "did they even dress up then?" An obvious pointed remark about the couples personal appearance.
Once again the Kat handed out some great prizes and the food that was served was great. The beans brought by someone were outstanding and I recommended them to everyone. Brandon brought the popcorn machine which kept tripping the breaker until one of the sad clowns ran a special cord for it. After all you can't go on without the popcorn, as Whitey would say "it's like heaven in a bag."

The dirty dancing contest was a big hit with about 6 couples participating. I thought Kevin and Trixie should have won the contest but the Kat said Trixie was too lewd. There was no real winner instead all of the contestants were awarded a prize.

Several no shows were conspicuous by their absence. Joanne and Tim Lade, Joanie was laid up with a bad knee which she had just had surgery on on Friday. Tim of course was pressed into service pushing around her wheel chair and cooking and cleaning. Stephanie Prevost did not attend the affair, some said it was because of her child's birthday party scheduled in the afternoon of the same day. Trixie's friend Snow did not attend because she is afraid of spiders and hates Halloween.

The party lasted until late in the evening and broke up about 12:30 AM.

This past week a horrifying discovery was uncovered in the Wal-Mart parking lot on West Mason St. in Green Bay. The store known to locals as "the ghetto Wal-Mart" apparently was visited by an aging gentlemen and due to some kind of health problem he passed away while sitting in his vehicle after visiting the store. The engine in his car was still running.

A blonde woman was found at the scene as well when the body was discovered but she was oblivious to the matter.
Finding someone who couldn't leave her company she kept speaking of amusing anecdotes related to her employment at Wal-Mart and a friend of hers named Snow. Yes it was now apparent that Trixie Sobieck had actually
went past boring someone to tears and caused someone's death talking about Wal-Mart and Snow. Authorities declined to comment on the matter citing the ongoing investigation and refused to comment on whether Sobieck will be charged in some way regarding the death.

Shelly Sobieck and a friend organized a benefit for a friend of theirs and co-worker George Bennit who has cancer back in September. You may remember the advertisement on this page back then.

Shelly reports that the event raised over $25,000 and was well attended with over 400 people there. The kids had a good time and danced like fools according to her. Shelly's mom and dad attended as did her brother Bob and his children. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Trixie Sobieck
Justin and Janel
katandmick photo
katandmick photo
Cleen Poquette