Queen Jean Poquette Hansen

    Our story begins on August 29 1962 when the queen was born. It was a dark dreary day with no historical significance until the arrival of Jean. The fourteenth child born to Earl and Mary Poquette, Jean quickly learned to speak and walk before the age of one. This was seen as a sign that Jean was to carry on the royal Poquette family tradition. Her childhood was not the normal childhood of royalty however, she often worked long hours at the Poquette homestead cooking and cleaning and doing the laundry while her sisters lounged around sunbathing and playing tennis. Many times she was pressed into service to feed the farm animals while Earl was gone to work bringing home the bread to feed the family. She also became the family pet undertaker, collecting up deceased cats and dogs and preparing them for burial. Once a proper cardboard box was found and prepared, Jean would lay the deceased animal into the box and arrange them for viewing. At this point other family members would be invited to view the body. This would be followed by a short ceremony to prepare the pet for passing, and then the burial, which she would order her younger sister Trixie to carry out. This is where the lifetime alliance between Jeannie and Trixie was formed. In one or two particular hainis funerals the pet was found with stiff legs from riger mortis and the queens sister was required to break the legs to get them in the box, an unsavory task that distressed the Queen. The Queen gave up the undertaker role in High School and was going to hand it down to one of the younger children, but no one wanted it.

    High School was difficult for Jean; children do not pay the proper respect to royalty you know. Unable to control the commoners in the West DePere High School she withdrew and hung out with a small group of friends who believed in her future fame. After hanging around with Jerry Lerquin (A.K.A. Doper) for some time princess Jessie was born, now a single mother she became an adult fast learning the ways of the world and the harsh realities of parenting as well. Soon Jerry was cast out into the darkness and there was a period of no men in her life. After a period of rejecting men throwing themselves at her feet, she soon found happiness with Steve Hansen and took him as a husband. Jean Poquette Hansen seemed to have everything under control now with the new union, soon Princess Ashley was born, and a few years later Prince Ben. Everything was good now and the inception of Chicken Night came along, with the Hansen Family the only ones attending at first. Attendance expanded over the years to the point where the meeting place of Chicken Night, Cliff and Ceils, puts the Chicken Night crowd in their own dining room. The Queen reigns supreme over the entire Chicken Night gathering, even if strangers who are there don't know they are attending Chicken Night.  In several cases strangers who innocently walk in on the celebration are ordered by the Queen to sing along with the jukebox and the other Chicken Night peasants.  But like Princess DI and Ferggie, soon there was scandal in the Hansen royal family. The man she once loved and welcomed into the royal family was now despised and cast out into the darkness with the Queen retaining ownership of the royal children. The town of Scott Hansen Mansion was sold, and the Queen moved to DePere where she now resides. She vowed to never have another thing to do with men and live in celibacy, this lasted one day and she met James. She sees James on a regular basis but is not sure if she should let him into the royal family. She is not ready to welcome in another man only to be disappointed and have to cast another out into the darkness.

    The Queen is a good person who raised two daughters and is raising a handicapped son stricken with pyromania. She often helps her friend Marie Krohn with fundraising events for Sybille Hopp School, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Packerland Packing company picnic (which would have been today) and benefits to help people with insurmountable hospital and doctor bills. Jean Poquette Hansen and Marie have catered many events from graduation parties to anniversaries to weddings and in one case she conned Marie into catering her own surprise birthday party. But you know what goes around comes around. The Queen is an important person in a lot of people's lives just like any other monarchy; with out her our lives would be dull and boring. It is with this final statement that I wish the Queen a happy 40th birthday and hope she has many more to come and offer 3 cheers. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, HIP HIP --------------, HIP HIP ----------, HIP HIP ----------.