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September 1, 2002
    The Kat sighted the elusive Steven Poquette at the Waube Mart purchasing a sandwich on August 28th.  Poquette who manages to stay out of the public view for months at a time made the mistake of walking into the gas station next door to where his sister works. Apparently he did not
not recognize his sister whom he walked past in the store due to her incredible weight loss. The Kat, who works next door at Blimpies, called him by his nick name "Sod" to which he then trained his eyes on her not knowing at first who she was. After a couple of seconds he did then call her by
name. Poquette has been known to wear elaborate disguises to escape identification when attending public events including growing a white beard and posing as Santa Claus at last years Turkey Bowl. Poquette no doubt will go back to wearing such disguises when entering such things as gas stations and other public places and probably will not be seen for a long time again at the Waube Mart.
    The Kat and Pegasus VanLanen both visited the Bariatric Treatment Center in Belvidere Ill. for check ups on Thursday August 29th. The attending doctor told both women that he was sure they were going to die, but he did not know when it would happen or what would cause it.  He did know that they were suffering from a condition called life. The Kat who was making her one year check up visit was told that her lab tests were better then the doctors and that she officially lost a total of 114 lbs. Pegasus was told that she has lost 35lbs since her surgery six weeks ago. Her lab tests were not available at this visit but will be at her next visit six weeks from now. The doctor did tell her that things appeared normal and she was progressing well.
    The Sheriffs race in Brown County will have a show down with three candidates all running in the primary Sept. 10th. for the Republican spot on the ballot in the general election in November. The KAT AND MICK REPORT will endorse Capt. Dennis Kocken in the election because he is a strong well-respected member of the Sheriffs Dept. who is well educated with a degree in police science and has many years of respected service in the department. Patrick Buckley, a Green Bay Police Officer, who says he would make a good candidate owns 15 Subway restaurants which reinforces his claim of making a good sheriff due to his extensive business experience. Buckley plans to keep the restaurants even if elected Sheriff. Managing 15 restaurants and being Sheriff is more then one man can do, so we ask will he be a part time sheriff or part time restaurant manager. Don Stewart who has no education other then his high school diploma claims he will make sweeping changes in the Sheriff's dept. and the Jail that would save $2,000,000. Most of the money saving claims he is proposing are things that cannot be changed either because of state laws governing how jails are run or are things he as Sheriff does not have control of like housing and meals. He also knows these things cannot be changed. He is also the same officer who ten years ago started the big riot at the Greenleaf Fireman's Picnic and was suspended and subsequently fired. He later had his job reinstated by court order due to a technicality. He was never put on a patrol job again and was reassigned as a detective.
    With a little less then three months to go, the Turkey Bowl will have its trio back singing the National Anthem. We mistakenly printed that Joanne Lade was going to sing the Anthem, however she has told KAM reporters that she will not be singing the National Anthem and that it has become a tradition that the Kat, Trixie, and Jeanie sing the
the patriotic opening. Lade did confirm however that she reserves the right to sing at the halftime show.  Turkey Bowl officials are actively searching for talent to complete the
Turkey Bowl Half Time Show. KISS is still a possibility especially with the Chronic Deer Disease making deer meat questionable for human consumption. All the members of KISS are big hunters you know. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
September 8, 2002

    Owner and operator Brandon Pickett has just closed the deal on equipment to upgrade the sound system at the Seymour RC Track. The sound system used up to this point was on loan from one of the patrons of the track, however Pickett has purchased speakers and an amplifier
to announce the race in the future. It is name brand surplus equipment that was obtained at a reasonable price and will be installed before the end of the year. Delivery is expected next week and they are hopeful to have it operational by the race on the 21st of Sept.
Click here to add your text.This week proved to be a slow week for RC activity at the track with only three people in attendance, however that was attributed to a NASCAR race at the same time as the open period of the track. The track holds races every Saturday night at 7PM and if you have a car to enter it is just $7.00.
    Dick and Colleen Poquette have left for Clarksville Tennessee to visit the Poquette brother Peter, and with them they took their 1988 Honda Gold Wing. It is expected that the trio will do a substantial amount of motorcycle riding while in the Clarksville area. Peter Poquette who moved to Clarksville over a year ago has received no visitors since his arrival to the area. It is not known what will be found in the mansion formally known as Tara. This will be the first opportunity to hear from a reliable source just what the mansion looks like inside or how many servants it actually does take to maintain the property. Poquette formerly of the Oneida area moved to LasVegas some 12 years ago before his move to Clarksville. A man of solitude he spends most of his time touring the United States alone, and while he travels he also delivers for Lettica Container Co. When he takes a break from traveling he is usually holed up in his mansion and is not seen for weeks. When traveling he has his own cubicle where he lives and is not known to be in the public any more then he has to. Contact to the outside world is kept to the minimum due to his fear of germs. It has been said that when at home he spends most of his time scrubbing his hands to get the germs off. He would have long fingernails if he didn't chew them off and long hair if he wasn't bald. I am anxious to hear the reports from Dick and Colleen.

    Sarah Poquette is staying here at the writers' house and is in training to be a cub reporter for the KAT AND MICK REPORT. She has already expressed a desire to do an editorial and is learning the news business. But I must
must admit it is hard to keep her from making up the news she reports and as you know we have strict rules about factuality of the news we report. We here at the KAT AND MICK REPORT only report the facts and Sarah will just have to learn the right way to report these stories and quit making up her own. It is a slow process but I will have her whipped into shape before she is allowed to publish any stories that might ruin

the credibility of this, your favorite publication.

    That's all the news that is news, see ya.

September 15, 2002
    It is now official; Lances' name is Lance Pickett with a trip to the courthouse on Friday. The Court granted the adoption to Bunky after a lengthily legal process and with
no objection from the natural father. Hosea Hernandez at first objected to the adoption but later recanted and agreed that this clearly was the best option for all, especially when learning of the child support payment system in the State of Wisconsin.
Peggy, Bunky, and Lance are now a family in the legal senses all sharing the same name and residence.
    Aaron Meeuwsen who has been an integral part of the restaurant business in the Green Bay area has once again been recognized in a Green Bay publication.  While honing his skills at a local restaurant Meeuwsen has been singled out as one outstanding employee. Although he often
speaks to the patrons and rings up their check he is really noted for his skills for preparing the fine cuisine that attracts people from near and far. Meeuwsen often declines interviews for cooking shows and food magazines but will occasionally give an interview to a local outlet such as the The Green Bay Press Gazette or The Kat and Mick Report. If you would like to sample one of Meeuwsens delightful meals you will have to forget it as the restaurant he was working at The Blackstone has closed it's doors forever, it went out of business on August 29th.
    The Kat and I will be returning from a trip to my sisters' cottage on Long Lake near Phelps Wisconsin on Sunday afternoon. There will be a report on the experience in next week's newsletter. Because we don't invent the news here there probably won't be much to report on there. There's a new Sports article from S. Lyle OConnor to chew on and the Birthday page has been updated since the last newsletter. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
September 22, 2002
    Even with the income from her new job, which was increased two fold from her old job, Aimee Poquette finds that supplementing that income is a necessity. Poquette who now finds herself modeling clothing in some of the 
nations most prestigious clothing catalogs and fashion magazines has achieved the fast paced lifestyle that she has been seeking for years. Combined with the income from her regular job the income from modeling makes life comfortable for the mid-western diva. With modeling now a mastered skill, who knows what is next for our little Aimee? Perhaps she will move on to television or film,

or perhaps political office, what ever the case let's just hope that she still remembers all the little people in Oneida that helped her get where she is.
    It is now confirmed that the Kat is infested with shingles or is it scabies? No I'm sure it is shingles. She complained about an itching sensation around her abdomen area about a week ago and developed bump like protrusions on her front and backside of the abdomen area. She has seen a physician and they told her there was nothing they could do for her and sent her on her way. The same thing most doctors do for every ailment but they are sure to collect your money before you leave the office. The Kat is now resting comfortably and the bumps are starting to heal up now, but it was an uncomfortable experience for her. Shingles affects people who have had Chicken Pox and can be brought on by stress or surgery, however the doctors were unable to offer an explanation for their appearance on the Kat. I think that it has something to do with a reaction to her saliva when she licks her self to clean her body. Perhaps the combination of her dander and the saliva formed some intolerance to her skin.
    It is with regret that we report the passing of "Bear" Sobieck. Even though "Bear" and I never saw eye to eye so to speak I will be sad to see him go. The dog that was playful nearly to the end of his life was brought to the animal hospital on Saturday and was found to have cancer that was too advanced to control without extensive surgery.
While "Bear was warm and greeted almost everyone who visited the Sobieck household, he was notably upset when I would arrive. Some wires crossed in his tiny K-9 brain making him think I was going to steal his food or lay in his bed I guess. Though I was not "Bears" favorite nor he mine, I will miss the growling I received upon my arrival to the Sobieck household for the occupants always knew who was at their door by the way
their dog behaved and I was always cautious to not move too fast and raise the wrath of the watch dog who was my adversary. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
    Hobart resident Joyce Byrnes was injured Wed. in a one car accident in the town of Hobart on County Trunk J about 1 mile west of County Trunk F. Byrnes who was eastbound lost control of her vehicle and rolled over the 2002 truck in
in the westbound ditch. Byrnes who was alone in the vehicle was transported to hospital by County Rescue and was treated for broken ribs and various bumps and scrapes. Although the former head Cheerleader for the XPFL never actually coached a
cheerleading team who took the field, the XPFL commissioner commented, when learning of the mishap, that they were deeply sorry for her pain but that she was still a weasel who cowers when confronted by responsibility and challenge. It is unusual for the commissioner to comment on anyone hired by the organization that never actually went to work, not even one day.  In Byrnes defense, she never actually collected a paycheck either.

    With so many pet funerals in her past and the vast experience she has in eulogizing our dear departed K9 friends one wonders if Jean Poquette Hansen was pressed into service to perform a private ceremony for the late "Bear" Sobieck. "Bears" last wishes were that he is
The service could be where some of "Bears" favorite people (that wouldn't be me) would stand and share a few kind words about his life or an amusing anecdote about him walking around naked all the time. I fear that this is something we will never know about and that there was a private service where the press was not invited. But like Princess Dianna, "Bear" could have a private and public ceremony. Privately, "Bears" parents Kevin and Trixie and brothers and sister, Justin, Logan, and Brittany could grieve in private and say their last good byes. But publicly "Bears picture and ashes could be displayed and throngs of neighborhood dogs could file past the gold box containing the ashes of "Bear". If the memorial were held at the Sobieck home the line would easily reach county trunk E, if you include people and dogs in the line. Flowers and photos would cover the picket fence in front of the Sobieck home. To date nothing has been announced nor were any press conferences held regarding funeral arrangements public or private for the animal.
    Brown County is about to place a garbage transfer station on the site of the old landfill on HWY. 54 in the town of Hobart. The purpose is to off load garbage from trucks used to pick up garbage and load large trucks that go only to the landfill thus cutting the cost of transportation of garbage to the landfill. The County would pay the town for the use of the land and the county gets a break on the cost of transportation, overall reducing cost for everyone. Some nearby residents are not able to see the benefit but only see this as an attack to their neighborhood. For my part the station could be put next to the Hobart Town Office and all the rats could be in one general area of the town, but that will not happen. The truth is that these few people need not to be so selfish and support what's good for the town. This thing will probably have little or no effect on them anyway. You selfish Hobart people who oppose this need to get your nose out of the sky and pointed closer to the ground where you won't even see the garbage trucks. It's that same old thing where we need something but the old "not in my back yard" phrase pops up.

    Next week the newsletter will be late due to the Cranberry Fest Craft Show. The letter will be published on Monday evening Oct. 9. That's all the news that is news, see ya.

cremated and his ashes be kept by his owners. Therefore there would be no conventional funeral and burial such as the Queen of Chicken Night would be used to, only a candlelight vigil and memorial service. 
September 29, 2002