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Sunday September 23, 2007
12 PM to 5PM
Benefit for
George Bennett
At The
Swan Club
De Pere
Chicken Dinner 12:30 to 2:30 PM
Auction - Raffle
Music by:
Crunch Time Band
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September 2, 2007
Ageing health care worker follows in the footsteps of younger sister Sue falling down stairs after a night of drinking, but only cracks a bone in her arm.
                  hile attending the wedding reception of her brother and newest sister in law Peter and Alex, Peg Vanlanen accidentally fell down a steep stairway leading to the area where the wedding reception was held. VanLanen who is not accustomed to consuming alcoholic beverages in mass quantities apparently spent the night hammering down liquor from the open bar at the
wedding. When it came time to leave and head for home VanLanen's condition was not ideal for navigating a stairway even in the downhill direction.

The Kat who was on the scene foresaw the problem and gathered her brothers Peter and John to help the elder
sibling down the steep incline. Peter walked ahead of her while John went behind, the Kat wanted John to walk next to the matriarch and hold her arm but VanLanen who insisted she was steady on her feet would have none of that. The first couple of steps went well but Peg was not holding the railing, she chose instead to grasp the spindles of a railing surrounding the stairwell above which eventually led to her demise.

The skimpy baluster gave way and VanLanen fell forward into her brother Peter who had turned around and was facing forward because she had been doing so well navigating the stairs. She eventually wound up down on the stairs where getting her back on her feet seemed impossible. After a few seconds of discussion those involved agreed that the only possible solution was to finish the job and drag VanLanen the rest of the way down the stairs. The maneuver worked, but her unsupported head bobbed up and down crashing into every step all the way down. 

It seems VanLanen is not happy unless she is dragged up or down a stairs when injured. In 2004 VanLanen suffered a broken leg in another fall in the doorway of a store. At that time she was sent home from the hospital and told there was nothing that could be done for her, family members dragged VanLanen up the front stairs of her domicile with her head banging every step all the way up.

After the ordeal was over VanLanen insisted that she was fine and no one was to worry about her. They managed to get her out to the car and start for Peter's home with VanLanen constantly rolling down the window shouting to other motorists wishing them well and asking them how they were.

Later after they were home and the alcohol began to diminish from he blood stream VanLanen began to feel pain in her elbow. She later thought she maybe should get the arm looked at. At a local hospital she was told after an x-ray that she had a cracked bone in her arm which they recommended she have looked at after returning home. She was discharged with a prescription for pain medication.  After spending the evening in the hospital emergency room, Kat and Peg got a few hours sleep and started for Wisconsin.
After weeks of preparation and rehearsing all the necessary steps in his mind countless times, David "Peter" Poquette had a small flaw in his marriage plan on Saturday. He had forgotten the marriage license at home.
With the ceremony about to begin Poquette was forced to have his brothers Richard and John pressed into service to act as couriers and retrieve the legal document. The license finalizes the act of commitment in the eyes of the state. The yet unsigned document was brought to the marriage site before departure by the already
married couple. The two brothers had missed the wedding and failed to see the beautiful ceremony but had they not done what they had been asked, Peter and Alex would not be legally married in the eyes of the state and be unable to enjoy the legal benefits of marriage.

All four of Alex's children had participated in the wedding, her son Jordan by did a reading while daughters Grace and Lora sang during the ceremony, and Sarah participated in the blessing.
Peter Poquette
Peg VanLanen
Richard and Colleen Poquette attended the ceremony as did Peg VanLanen and "The Kat" with the Poquette's traveling to Tennessee from Wisconsin on Thursday while Peg and "The Kat" elected to make their way there on Friday encountering heavy traffic. Also attending was John Poquette who managed to get a couple of days off of his busy schedule in Las
Vegas to travel to his brothers wedding.
John Poquette
With winter weather looming around the corner Katie Lade thought it would be a good idea to visit her parental units while the weather is comfortable yet in Wisconsin. Lade, now a seasoned Californian finds it difficult to exist in temperatures below 50 F much less drive or try to accomplish anything outdoors.
Lade now 24 manages to return to Wisconsin periodically to keep her father Tim from running amok. While home she did manage to visit some of her old gathering spots and bars on a nightly basis reminiscing with old friends. When asked about her friends she  described  them and herself as "the misfits of society".
Katie Lade
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