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Sunday September 23, 2007
12 PM to 5PM
Benefit for
George Bennett
At The
Swan Club
De Pere
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Music by:
Crunch Time Band
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September 9, 2007
Local Hobart hottie unexpectedly beaten at own game and winds up on someone else's pile.
                 ven though Jason Lufk thought at one time that Brittany would have made good material for the first lady his fancy shifted after a casual meeting with his former girl friend. According to an unnamed source, Lufk, 30 rejected further relationships with the 21 year old Hobart native citing his renewed interest in his former girl friend as of last week on Thursday. Later while checking Lufk's neighborhood a pile of girls was found behind his back door, obviously those that were rejected by the rising Democrat with an eye on the White House. As you know Sobieck has a similar pile of rejected boys behind her door, a little known fact they each had in common. A row of canvas tents covered the pathway leading to the pile of rejected love interests to keep Lufk from being in contact with direct sunlight and eliminating the possibly of accidentally darkening his pristine white skin.

Sobieck Stunned by the rejection was left speechless by the ordeal according to the source and refused comment. 
The source also said that those close to Sobieck said that she took it rather hard and had not expected the abrupt ending to the relationship.
Some have speculated that Lufk was directed by Democrat party Chairman Howard Dean to abandon the Hobart medical student as his companion for political reasons, citing her binge drinking, and multiple male companions as fodder for the press should Lufk enter the political battle for president.

Sobieck who was unavailable for comment continues to attend UW Milwaukee and is in her 6th year.

Even though Alex Pickett spent some six years away from home and most of the time in Germany he has returned home for good he says.

Brittany Sobieck
Pickett who joined the Air Force spent a year in Turkey then after a short visit to Wisconsin returned to Europe to be stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany for the remainder of his hitch. When his commitment with the military was fulfilled he stayed on in Germany due to a love interest.

After months of barely squeaking by making a living Alex decided to head home and begin another part of his life. 
He is currently living with his brother Brandon at his Ashwaubenon home and will begin searching for work and a means of transportation. Sunday a brunch was held at the Pickett family home where he revealed his intentions.

Val Snell sister to Clara Snell Brandon Pickett's bride to be has announced that she and her long time boyfriend Daryl will wed on October 25th 2008.
Snell 27, will become the repo mans first wife and will continue with her job as an accountant at Shopko incorporated after the marriage. Daryl 25, will continue to work for VanBoxtel Ford by day and as a repo man by night, although he has considered expanding his nighttime
activities to bounty hunting and of course would bring Snell along as back up. Snell who enjoys anything involving firearms is excited at the new job prospect and says if she likes the work she may abandon the lackluster mundane accounting job for full time work as a bounty hunter. Daryl refused comment on the notion. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Val Snell
Alex get's his last haircut in Germany before returning home
This photo provided by Jan Ross, Germany
Alex and Peter pose for a photo after the ceremony
Peg VanLanen greets her newest sister-in-law Alex Poquette just before tumbling down the stairs at the wedding celebration
A cleen photo
A cleen photo
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