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Sunday September 23, 2007
12 PM to 5PM
Benefit for
George Bennett
At The
Swan Club
De Pere
Chicken Dinner 12:30 to 2:30 PM
Auction - Raffle
Music by:
Crunch Time Band
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Shelly Sobieck along with her friend Tracie are organizing the benefit Sunday September 23 rd for George Bennit (see poster click here), and they have some information to pass along about donations.

There will be a "party wagon" at the benefit which is a little wagon filled with little bottles of liquor. Many bottles are needed to complete the wagon and donations are sought. Contact Shelly if you have a few of these laying around your bar or kitchen cabinets.
It's been a long time since we talked last and it's good to be back checking in with you again. This week a anonymous reader writes in with this question. Why is your husband such a dork?

It puzzles me that a reader would ask such a question. I think that you must be confused with one of one of my sisters, you see many of us do look alike and some of them have had marriages to dorks that have ended badly. I think you must be thinking of another person entirely then my husband, editor of The Kat and Mick Report a most prestigious publication. My husband, a powerful publishing magnate,  would never do anything that would qualify him as a "dork" to quote your rhetoric...... next question please?  Oh I see there are none, well see you next time. The Kat

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
September 16, 2007
               ast years Turkey Bowl event saw a new press box and bleachers for the first time ever at Poquette Field. The successful introduction of those items has led organizers to capitalize on the additions for 2007 and TBVIII.

Another set of bleachers is planned for this year and The press box will be coming to the other side of the field, that is the West side where the original press location was when there was no seating. With the press box located in the center of the field bleachers will be located on either side of it. The cheerleaders have promised to visit both sets of bleachers to hype the crowd.

The Kat, head cheerleader by default, has also taken up with Jean Poquette Hansen and organized a small protest citing violations of the cheerleading qualifications. The flying fickle finger of fate is being pointed at residents of the Sobieck household who are not in compliance with cheerleader mandates. Janel Englebert who is an honorary member to the Sobieck  Family through engagement has never qualified as a cheerleader because of her flimsy nature.
Janel Englebert
The tall but painfully thing Englebert has been seen walking in the snow and not even making tracks, but in TB VII she had donned a Blue Jell-O cheerleading uniform and quietly cheered for her fiance Justin to win which did happen.
Not to be outdone after seeing Englebert caught in a windstorm and wrapped around the clothesline pole flopping like a towel that has flown out of the laundry basket, Trixie Sobieck has taken to exercising and working out 16 to 18 hours a day.  Sobieck and has lost so much weight that Hansen and The Kat say she no longer qualifies as a cheerleader and her status should be changed to "flimsy".
Sit down and have a chicken dinner while listening to the Crunch Time Band. I'm told the band is composed entirely of physicians (that's doctors for those of you from Oconto), and they are very entertaining.

There will be an auction and Raffle and of course cash contributions are always welcome. If you are a Packer fan and would like to see the game I'm told that will be able to be seen there as well. If you can not attend contact Shelly at 676 6304 for details on donations.

Sadly after years of working in the medical field and helping people professionally Bennit has been diagnosed with cancer and now needs your help. Shelly and Tracie along with other volunteers have organized this event to raise money for Bennit to offset mounting medical expenses.