By: Mike Pickett

I keep hearing a lot of women say,that Mark Churmura, he's gonna get off. Well think about this, he is probably inocent. First of all people think that it was odd that he attended that post prom party, I don't think so, I can't tell you how many times I've attended post prom parties, and in almost every one I wound up in the hot tub with teen age girls. As a matter of fact I won't even consider attending a party unless there is a hot tub and plenty of teen age girls at the party site. The other thing I don't like is a lot of parents around,it's hard to have a good party with a lot of do-gooders looking over your shoulder and butting into your business. I'm certain thats how Mark feels, so that must be normal right?

    The next thing is that when she gave her testimony for the Preliminary hearing she was non emotional while giving her account, it almost sounded as though she was happy to have the attention from Mark. Most rape victims are very emotional when recounting the actual incident, there was none of that here.
    The mother of the alledged victim seems to be very vindictive toward Mark,  so which leads me to believe that the mother was taken with Mark but felt snubbed when Mark seemed to be  attracted more to her daughter then to her self, Hell have no fury like a woman scorned. As you know Mark is a married man and I'm sure had no other interest in either one of the females then freindship. Unfortunately the mother of this girl is unable to accept rejection and turns to false accusations to comfort her. I hope when Mark is aquitted that he harbors no ill feelings toward her. It would serve no purpose to bring charges against her as she is a sick person and needs help.

It greatly worries us that poor Mick is having memory lapse problems.  Kat is also feeling the pressures of having her husband lose his mind.  She was dicussing the possiblilities of  having one of her sons care for her in her elder years while her husband sits in the corner and twiches silently.  It is obvious to the writers of this column that Micks obsession with editing his way into rockfest pictures only strengthens our fears.  His mind is already deteriorating as it is reverting back to youthful  day dreams gone by.
          Hopefully by reading this, he will snap back to the present and realize that editorials about his eldest son and significant other should be written in a kinder gentler light.  Oh yeah, also in big print at the top of the page. (Perfecltly centered and in bold print)

By: Mike Pickett

If there's any question in your mind about this then let me put your mind at ease. Albert Gore and Stephen Purshock are one and the same person, there, this double life that this man has been living is exposed.
It seems clear to me from the above photos that this is the same man. Just think we almost elected a president who has two familys, whew---
THANK GOD, what a scandal that would have been. He would have had the public family, Tipper, and the girls, then there's the other family, the secret family, his fun vacation family in Fort Walton Beach Florida. No one would ever know of his FWB family, would he have been elected president he would have surounded his fun loving Florida family with secret service so that no one would have been able to ask probing questions about the embarrasing second marrige. Let's take a look at this FWB family, first of all we have wife Cheryl a sweet loyal unsuspecting girl who worships the ground that Steve walks on. Her condition will be too sad to even think about when this story breaks, her world will colapse, she will go into a shock she has never known before, no one will be able to comfort her, but her children will try to bring their mother back to the cruel reality of what has happened. She will fight it and refuse to admit what has happened, she will stay in a state  of total denial, only to be found later quivering under an abandoned peir on the beach. Stepdaughter Crystal will have her life shattered by the news especially after her hit and miss relationships with recent boy friends. The KAT AND MICK REPORT fears she will turn to drugs without the support of her distrought mother and hiding step father, she will sink lower and lower in humanity only to spend the rest of her life in drug rehab.          Step son Jeremy, whose real father is a military war hero, will distance himself from the entire situation and lie about his age to get into the Air Force where he will become a career man and never be seen again by his mother. 
    Further proof of this charade can be found in the fact that he was missing from the FWB home for a year, sure he says he was stationed in Korea, HA, I don't believe that for a minute. He was too busy campaigning to spend time with his FWB family thats all, who knows what he tells Tipper and the girls when he's gone to FWB.
In order to make his story more plausable to his FWB wife Cheryl he invented a story about an X wife, he even paid some one to be his X-wife to pose with Steve for photos.
    The KAT AND MICK REPORT believes that Al/Steve had a genuine interest in the Florida vote outcome as well as the voting laws and the changes that will be made. This interest is not as a candidate however but as a resident of Florida.

It was a bright, sunny, warm day; people were out on their porches with their lawn chairs, children in small groups looking up the road in anticipation. People standing milling about and making small talk that blended into a murmur. Roadsides lined with people with their portable chairs and bottles of water. Sounds like the making of a good parade, right? But what took place wasn't a parade. It was a group of police officers putting on a display of cars and uniforms. It was politicians and political wannabe's fighting over the media spotlight for a few seconds at a time, and a misguided group of citizens who forgot about that tragic set of circumstances that put all these wheels in motion. What I'm talking about of course is the memorial procession to Four Seasons Park in Hobart to honor the two police officers killed on July 22nd while parked at Bayland Buildings and HWY. 54. Yes this was a tragic event made even worse by the fact that the perpetrator allegedly purposely rammed the squad car causing the needless deaths. Let's put things in prospective here, the two officers that were killed were regular people like you and me, with good habits and bad, human. They were not heroes but victims.  They performed no heroic acts that were notable and the act of being killed in an automobile accident is not heroic whether intentional or not. Case in point a women who was killed on county GE and G just three days later by a teen driver who was engaged in a sexual act at the time of the accident. This death was just a tragic and preventable, yet there was no parade or speeches in the park for her. She was also simply just a victim.                                    

    The news media particularly television, sank their teeth deep into this story and made as much out of it as they could covering the parade and catching as many people as they could weeping and in pain. They somehow believe this is news, it's not, but it did accomplish what they wanted. A group of mindless cattle that turned out with their lawn chairs and somehow thought they would receive satisfaction of some kind by a watching a group of cops show off their uniforms and squad cars. The News coverage is perhaps what brought out those who seek public office and inspired them to speak at the memorial ceremony. Len Teresinski who was the Hobart Town Chairmen and now seeks the office of Village President is always vocal and loves to get his comments and photo in the papers. And how about John Konopacki who is Hobart's police chief, former police and fire commissioner of Ashwaubenon and architect of the plan to break up the volunteer fire dept. thus increasing fire protection costs four fold. He is also responsible for the combined police fire and rescue duty all staffed by the same personnel. This is a plan that looks good financially but one that is not practical. If you were having a heart attack would you want someone working on you who had just pulled a 24 hour shift as a cop, fireman, and now finally an EMS technician? It would seem to me that this person would never master any of the jobs or even be able to keep up with technological changes. I wonder is this what he has in mind for Hobart? Mr. Buckley a Green Bay Police officer and the owner of 15 Subway restaurants also was not afraid to make some political hay right at the accident scene. He fed the entire emergency staff with Subway sandwiches and bottled water. No doubt trying to buy votes from the Fire Dept. and Cops working the accident. As a Green Bay cop he certainly had no business even being out there. Were these people looking out for their own political asses? You decide.

    Much ah do was made about the small village of Hobart losing their only squad car in the accident. Yet no one asks, what happened to Hobart's first squad car? You see this was not their first but second squat car, their first one was destroyed in a different accident that didn't even occur in Hobart. It wasn't rammed so I guess it's not worth mentioning. I wonder if the town's insurance Co. thinks it's insignificant as well? Few people know what actually happened in that incident and it seems that is the way they like it. All this leaves a bad taste in my mouth and certainly does not serve well the memories of officers Markins and Etter. When a loved one leaves us, a quiet, private service is what most of us want for them. We want friends and family to remember the good things that happened in their lives. Not live television, parades, or politicians with speeches, and I don't think that's what officers Etter and Markins would have wanted either.

By Mike Pickett
Letter to the Editor
Katandmick report

On behalf of my family I'd like to thank the Sobieck family for their hospitality. It's obvious that it takes a lot of time and commitment to open up your house to so many people.
If it were not for a handful of families we would not be able to enjoy the special holidays that we do. Starting with Halloween and going through Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and the 4th of July we all are able to get together as a group because of the generosities of these families.
Coming from a small family (by comparison) I am amazed at how this all comes together.
Also, not to be taken for granted, is the work that Mike Pickett and his family do to entertain us whenever we get together. I am guilty, as a lot of us are, of walking away at the end without remembering that there is a lot of gear that has to be loaded up and taken away.
The Turkey Bowl and a lot of other special events are huge undertakings that make our times together special and memorable.
Let's not forget those who work hard, before and after, to make the Poquette family gatherings what they are.
Thank you !  

By Tim Lade