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    Unable to speak about his assignment, Alex informed us that he would be gone from his base in Turkey for a period and he was needed elsewhere for a mission. This was all he was able to tell us about what he is doing, and we don't even know how long this will go on and when he will back on base.

Aug 4, 2002
A new record for attendance was set Friday night for Chicken Night. It was a record for the least number of people attending and one that
Joanne Lade the record holder for CN low attendance
cannot be broken by anyone else. The record holder is Joann Lade who attended by herself admitting to KAT AND MICK REPORT reporters that she did not bother to check with anyone else to see who was attending. Jean Poquette Hansen the Queen and her matron Trixie Sobieck both attended the Kewaunee County Fair taking a week
off of their official duties of reigning over the Chicken Night Peasants. Both were rendered useless later in the evening due to excess alcohol consumption.
Brandon has moved into the apartments on Schuering Road in DePere just a couple of doors down from Peggy and Bunky. Along with Annie this makes three Pickett renters on the same block.

    Bunky and myself spent Saturday cutting trees down in

our yard with only minor damage to the garage reported. A tree that is dead and close to the road will have to be professionally topped so as not to damage electrical systems or the neighbor's house.
Cheryl, Crystal, Jeremy, and Xavier left for their homes on Monday morning and were never heard from again. We think they are all right because if something had happened, we would have heard of their demise.  
    Next week will be the weekend we attend the renaissance fair in Southern Wisconsin, (I'm not sure where it really is) and the news letter will be published a bit late with either a Sunday night or Monday night publication expected.

    That's all the news that is news, see ya.                         

August 11, 2002
    If you find yourself in southeastern Wisconsin in between mid June and the end of August you must stop in at the Renaissance Faire in the town of Bristol. When you step from the township of Bristol into the Old World European village of Bristol you are treated like royalty from that moment on. You are greeted as my lord or my lady and are treated like the real King and Queen until the real Queen and her royal court show up and are introduced to the visitors at the Globe Theater. It is then plain to see whom they pay attention to. The introduction of the Queen is only one of many little sideshows to be seen at the Faire. There are dozens of other little theaters and gathering places, which are the home of, magicians, comedians, and craftsmen that are giving demonstrations for the two and one half months they are at Bristol. There are also hundreds of little shops that line the dirt streets under the shade of large trees in the village. Some of the shop owners perform their craft out in the shop while others are only selling what has been made before hand. All the shop owners and employees are in costume and speak the Old World language. An open field with a split rail fence surrounding it and bleachers for the guests is the scene for the jousting match hosted by four knights with their steeds. Demonstrations of their abilities are presented as well as a jousting match at the end all performed for the entertainment of the crowd and of course Jane the fool who looks on and gives her nod of approval.
Exiting the Faire we of course witnessed the Mud Show which is of course everyone's favorite show. Perhaps the one person not enchanted with the Mud Show, Tim Lade, is of that opinion because of the filth involved and his love of wearing light colored or white clothes. About 20 minutes south of Milwaukee on I 94 the Bristol Renaissance Faire is a day well spent for the money, but go early because there is a lot of stuff to see.
    Three families were in attendance on Friday night with the Matriarch of the Poquette Family taking over for the absent Queen. It is unknown why the Queen was not in attendance as she was supposed to be there. The Lades, Picketts, and VanLanens were in attendance and the night proved to be uneventful with the food itself being the main attraction (what a concept hey?) It was all the usual stuff with Lineie's Red being called Killians Red by me and the bartending staff and Wynona pretending to be upset about my crumpled bill. Some talk of the Turkey Bowl and events leading up to the game was discussed as well as the halftime show.
The Turkey Bowl, which is held on Thanksgiving Day, is of course promising to be bigger and better then last year with a bigger halftime show and another person added to the announcing staff. Tim Lade will be doing commentary along with Dave Poquette, and I will be doing play by play as usual. Joanne Lade will sing the National Anthem this year. The player roster will be kept as close as possible to last years with the exception of several players who are doubtful for this year. Substitutions will be made right up and until the last minute so as to keep the game fair and interesting. The Cheerleading staff will once again be depended on to keep the sidelines alive with increased cheering and drinking in front of the spectators decreased. We do have a commitment from our sports writer S. Lyle OConnor to cover the event and he has been awarded a press pass by the XPFL so he may gain entry to the field and locker rooms for interviews.

    A new editorial has been added to the editorial page, CLICK HERE to read it, feed back to editorials as well as rebuttals are always welcome to THE KAT AND MICK REPORT. E-mail to: katandmick.aol.com or drop off your comments at the KMAR offices.

The August birthday page is up as is the August Sports Comments by S. Lyle OConnor with a new header. That's all the news that is news, see ya.

    Brandon Pickett and his friend identified only as Aaron have opened a new RC track on Culbertson Road in the Town of Oneida. Saturday night was the grand opening with many RC enthusists expected to participate in the opening night races. The track which boasts of a sound system and lights for night racing is the brain child of Brandon Pickett who wanted more from RC races then local tracks were providing.
Weeks of work finally paid off on Saturday night as scores of racers planned on participating on the opening night races. Initially the track had to be brought to grade, which meant a lot of hauling of dirt and gravel for the proper height and quality of surface.
Next the lighting was installed with underground wiring buried below the track and adjacent areas to the living quarters on the track property. Finally the sound system was brought out to the track with some parts borrowed from the writer. KAMR reporters have been invited out to the track for a tour, a more in depth report with photos will be coming out after the tour.
    Aimee Poquette has taken a new job as a work comp. Claims coordinator. She has given her notice at Humana and her last day there will be August 28th. She is looking
forward to an increase in pay as well as a job well suited for her experience. The Company, Catholic Health Initiatives is located in northern Kentucky, but Aimee says it is within commuting distance negating the bothersome job of moving. I personally would have liked to see her get a job farther south, then with a couple more job swaps moving southward each time, in ten years she would be in Florida.
A good place to visit relatives in the winter.
    The primary election for sheriff in Brown County is coming on Election Day in September. Three candidates are all running on the Republican ticket: Stewart, Buckley, and Kocken. Mr. Stewart is the individual who caused all the trouble in Greenleaf at the Fire Dept. picnic several years ago. The upshot is that he was fired for his conduct but because of a legal technicality he had to be rehired by the Brown County Sheriffs Dept. He is making a lot of promises about things he would have no control over as sheriff, but to a taxpayer these promises do sound good. He will not be able to deliver on these promises. Mr. Buckley is a Green Bay Police Officer and the owner of 17 Subway restaurants, a busy man indeed, I wonder if he could fit being Sheriff into his management scheme. I also have to wonder if he understands the Sheriffs Dept. as well as he should working for GBPD. Yet Sheriff Hinz also came from GBPD as assistant chief, and I think he did OK, so that may be a wash. Little is known about Kocken other then he supports Hinz, and is a Capt. in the Brown Co. Sheriff's Dept. now. My guess is that Hinz will support Kocken.                                                                                  That's all the news that is news, see ya.
August 18, 2002
August 25, 2002
    Megan Krueger known to everyone as Megadeth will be starting a new job in the Coffee shop at the Washington Commons Mall. The Washington Commons Mall, which is the former Port Plaza Mall, is now under new management, hence the new name. Megadeth who has not started the job yet is planning to use this opportunity to meet interesting boys. A junior this year Megadeth has gone out with a number of boys already and word has it that she has a list she keeps of all the boys she has kissed. It is a known fact that Krueger is a breaker of hearts only going with a boy long enough to get a kiss so she can have another entry for her black book. I suggest that in a couple of weeks we look behind the coffee shop in the alley and I think we will find a stack of boys piled up with broken hearts, boys that have been kissed only once by Megadeth. Soon Krueger will have used up her supply of boys in Brown County and start on neighboring counties exhausting all the possibilities I predict before she is out of High School. Moving on to College she will no doubt have to be in a college at least five states away so as to have an ample supply of boys to keep her supple lips primed for action. Who knows where this obsession will end? We can only hope there are enough men to keep her happy in this country, for if she departs on a world tour we may never see her again.
     Megadeth has been sharing her secret skills of alluring boys with her cousins as well. The KAT AND MICK REPORT has learned that Brittany Sobieck has also begun a spree of boy kissing of her own starting with Chad Miller. It is not known at this point if Sobieck plans to move on to other boys or continue with
this single boy and keep kissing him, this one all the time. Miller may himself depart for school by the end of the week thus enabling Sobieck to move on to other boys or leave her lips cool down to an idle, allowing them to warm up again only when Miller comes home from college. Which ever the case, what both of these vixens have in common is that hot Sobieck blood surging through their veins driving them mad for the lips of more boys..
    Races Saturday evening at the Seymour RC Speedway were cancelled due to a freak rainstorm soaking the track for more then 10 minutes. The proprietors of the track Brandon Pickett and Aaron something are refusing to cover the natural dirt track to prevent rain from ruining the race. Even with this latest cancellation and with racers, money in hand, standing by waiting to race the two partners maintain that they will not cover the track for inclement weather. 
    The chicken cook was on vacation this week at Chicken Night therefore no one from the NEWSLETTER attended if there was any attendance at all.

    Alex is welcoming any e-mail that anyone could send if there is time for anyone to write, his address is ajpally007@aol.com

    Tim and Joanne are almost ready to move out to the home they have purchased on the gulf course north of New Franken. Painting, carpet cleaning, new receptacles and other finishing touches are almost done and then the men from Bekins will take over and perform the big move. Once that is completed the condo on Moraine way will be empty. If anyone is interested in the property contact Tim and Joanne directly  tlade@new.rr.com

    That's all the news that is news, see ya.

Many spectators went home disappointed hoping to see a RC race but all they saw was a wet track and stuck tractor buried in the middle of the track.  Without a jet dryer the pair stood there in befuddlement wondering what to do with huge puddles on the ends of the banked oval track.
A track worker jumped in action and tried to dig a hole for a drywell to which they could dig a drainage trench to the track. Too little too late for the disappointed would be RC tycoons, perhaps the weather will be nicer next week.