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April 1, 2007
         his past week was when all of it was supposed to come together for Logan Sobieck but a twist of fate halted the plan that was already working so well. Sobieck who has been training for a year to take the Wisconsin drivers license road test was disappointed when his examiner failed him due to a difference of opinion rather than an actual violation of driving rules or etiquette.
Sobieck made a left turn like everyone is supposed to, but few actually do, he turned when he reached the middle of the intersection rather then cutting over the oncoming lane of the street he was turning on to. The examiner
apparently too use to cutting off the oncoming lane himself failed Sobieck citing his inability to negotiate the corner to his satisfaction.

Sobieck who thought he had made no mistakes and thought he was about to be granted the license was so stunned by the outcome that he forgot to cry when he heard the result. To make matters worse the Sobiecks had to travel to Pestigo to get to a facility that had an open appointment rather than wait till one opened up in Green Bay.

This unexpected riff in the plan has caused a serious inconvenience for everyone who lives in the Sobieck household and friends of the once feared leader of the Oneida posse. "Loggie Doggie" as he was known in those days always knew he would have his own independence some day and would not need relatives and neighbors to take him to his beloved Dairy Queen. He had planned extensively to break out of the passenger lifestyle and retain wheels of his own, perhaps he would splurge a small amount of his DQ earnings on a fuzzy steering wheel cover.

The news of the test results spread fast and sent a shockwave throughout the West De Pere School community. Plans for Sobieck and a few close friends to go bar hopping with their illegal I.D.'s that night had to be scrapped. Sobieck's mother Trixie felt so bad she got the boys a few bags of junk food, a case of Bud Light, and some adult DVD's and sent them to the basement rec room to help ease the pain.

Sobieck said that he plans a retest as soon as he can blow under .08.
Logan Sobieck
In a stunning turnaround from the norm, Mary Meeusen has made a career change that will lead her into the professional sales world. Meeusen a 56 year old health professional decided to make the change after finding out just how lucrative the sales life is.
The former registered nurse is selling Mary Kay cosmetics to virtually everyone she sees, and is now seeking dealers to work under her in the traditional pyramid scheme hoping to rake in profits from an army of robot sales people she trains. Meeusen who has teamed up with her daughter
Chrissie in the endeavor has unsuccessfully tried to recruit Judy Treml, Shelly Sobieck and Trixie Sobieck for the positions hoping to send out streamers reaching past the local Suamico area.

In a related story Meeusens son Gary Meeusen has begun selling Cutco knives and seems to be doing well. He likes the work and says it gets him out traveling and seeing people. Meeusen did make a sale to his mother but had to exchange Mary Kay merchandise for the knives.

Vote Tom Hinz for County Executive on Tuesday April 6.
That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Mary "Doats" Meeusen
In an unexpected announcement Sunday Dave Poquette announced that he will wed his female companion Alex of seven months so as not to be outdone by Tim Lade in quantity . Although plans are not final nuptials are expected soon due to the couples excessive age. Living arrangements are one of the things that must be hammered out and it's looking like Dave would be the one to sell his domicile but nothing is in stone yet. Alex lives in Murfreesboro Tennessee with her two youngest children, she also has two older daughters that are both in college. More details when we have them.