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April 8, 2007
       t became clear to everyone at 735 Florist Drive in the Village of Hobart Easter Sunday that Stephonia Prevost had been left a bitter spiteful women after termination from the Oneida Tribe and the roller coaster job hunt that followed. Prevost, 40 had gone for months unemployed and spent her days lounging in the living room of Prevost Mansion watching soap operas and eating chocolates until one day she saw an ad for a seasonal job at Wisconsin Public Service. Thinking that after this many months being unemployed, human resource annalists would see her as damaged goods in the full time jobmarket and she decided to try for the seasonal job.
Prevost managed to land the job which runs from April until November. The job is collecting from deadbeat customers, mostly the ones who decide they will not pay their electric and gas bills all winter and are presented with huge balances on their account in April. In
Wisconsin utilities are barred from cutting off deadbeat customers by law between November and April, but when spring comes they are knocking on the door saying "pay up or we're cutting you off." That's where Stephonia comes in it's her job to arrange the terms between the company and the customer.

Prevost says she likes the job and enjoys the power she wields over the down and out peasants she deals with on a daily basis. Prevost: "They tell me all kinds of hard luck crap about how they can't come up with the money and I can just say no and cut them off, I love that."

Jessie Poquette heard Prevost speaking about the phenomena and chimed in with stories of how many of those people wind up in her hands at
Guests at the dinner party watched in horror as Prevost drunk with the new found power intimidated Emily Treml who was accused by Prevosts son of kicking him in the back. Treml was brought upstairs from the basement play room at Prevosts request to stand in front of her and "tell her side of the story".
Emily began to make her case but broke down in tears halfway through the story as Prevost looked on with a smirk.
Checkmate asking for loans to pay their back utility bills. Prevost immediately seeing an opportunity to make some extra money tried to set up a scam with the money lender to get a kick back from everyone she sent to Jessie. Poquette insulted by the prospect cited the high ethical standards
she adheres to and refused to have anything to do with the shady venture.
Later Prevost said she didn't mean to make her cry but guests looked at each other in disgust and whispered comments to the contrary in each others ears.
To top things off another photograph of Prevosts son Bailey appeared in the Shopko ads Sunday and everyone wondered why the preschooler is still  working after his mother has gained meaningful employment. When confronted with the situation Prevost explained in an self serving manor that it was for her retirement.
Emily Treml
Stephonia Prevost
Jessie Poquette
Sunday the Sobieck's hosted an Easter egg hunt in their yard for children in the family. The Treml's, Prevosts, Clara, Brandon and Ashley, and Ashley, Mike and Jordan  participated in the hunt and all reported many good finds in their eggs. To cap the Easter event every child received a complimentary fish and fish bowl courtesy of the hosts Trixie and Kevin.

April 25 the former Queen of Chicken Night Jean Poquette Hansen will undergo surgery  on her wrists for carpel tunnel syndrome which leaves its victims with numbness in the hands while they are at rest.
Hansen a 47 year old hospital worker has complained for some time about the syndrome and has only recently sought help for the condition. Hansen believes that the
the surgery will relieve her from the nighttime pain and numbness in her hands she has been experiencing. It is not known if her daughter Jessie will return the favor of bathing her when she is incapacitated as she did for her when she had her ATV accident. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
The one time Queen of Chicken Night Jean Poquette Hansen