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April 22, 2007
              he son of Jean Poquette Hansen and prospective heir to the now defunct Chicken Night throne, Ben Hansen has been injured in a rough house accident. The youngest of the Hansens who has few friends and described as "a loner" by classmates lives with his mother in their modest ranch style home in Greenleaf. Hansen's two older sisters have
completed their childhood and moved on leaving him as the only offspring living under the roof of Jean Poquette Hansen. The stand offish Hansen alone in the house has been known to fight with imaginary friends on occasion and has had battle scars of a lessor
scale before. On one occasion after a battle with his imaginary friend he suspected he had passed a major organ during a bowel movement causing him to place an emergency call to his mother seeking medical advice.

Jean Poquette Hansen has seen these problems in the past while working at Aurora Hospital but never thought her son would be a victim of the condition.

Hansen favored his other arm but failed to report the injury to his mother until he could stand the pain no longer. Two weeks after the accident Jean Poquette Hansen took Ben to hospital for X-rays which confirmed the broken bone.

Darla Krueger owner of the wildly popular "Shear Dementia" on Green Bay's West Mason Street has injured her hand while shopping for alcohol. Krueger the 42 year old hair stylist and shop owner with a slight drinking problem was shopping for champagne this last week and clumsily dropped a bottle she had been looking at. The bottle did not break outright but did sustain spider cracking from the impact.
Ben Hansen
Krueger not wanting to cause any bother to the staff at the beer depot offered to clean up the mess of her own blood after cutting her hand open on shards of glass protruding from the shattered bottle. The staff declined her offer after
citing health standards and procedures in place for such an occurrence.
Darla Krueger
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As reported last week Brittany Sobieck celebrated her birthday at the make shift Chicken Night facility called Doxbys near Seymour.
Friends and family joined the college sophomore as she gobbled chicken from the buffet style dining area hoping to put a few pounds on her meager frame.
About twenty people in all attended the affair which was intended to raise money for Sobieck's favorite charities. While everyone partook in the meal about half declined making a night of it visiting local nighttime hot spots. Sobieck left to go back to Milwaukee Saturday afternoon.

Donations can still be sent to Sobieck for her bike runs at 2575 N. Stowell Ave. Apt. F Milwaukee, WI 53211. The donation panel at the bottom of this page is active as well and will remain until after the race. 

Trixie Sobieck has had an interview at Wal-Mart in De Pere this past week but has had no job offer to date. Sobieck the 45 year old Hobart housewife has never held a job which required her to leave her own
Brittany Sobieck
home for more than a day. Sobieck earned extra income for years by babysitting and taking in laundry from well to do people living in the subdivision below the hill. In the fall she would sell craft items to earn money to purchase Christmas gifts for the children.
During lean years in the craft business she would pick up cans along the road with a shopping cart and sell rags to augment her income.

In recent years with the collapse of the craft business Sobieck has had trouble making ends meet out of her home, Sobieck: "My knees are getting so bad I can't get down in those ditches any more to get cans so I figured I can be a greeter at Wal-Mart."

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Trixie Sobieck
Krueger has had such mishaps before as covered in The Newsletter of May 9 2004. She once sustained broken ribs after a makeshift scaffold collapsed on top of her. One can only assume that alcohol was involved in that accident as well.