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August 13, 2006
      t could be a plan just to steal the headline in the KAMR but we don't think that was the case when Justin Sobieck proposed to Janel Englebert Saturday night. Sobieck shopped around but eventually purchased a ring at Jared, an exclusive jeweler in Green Bay where he found just the right stone and setting for his bride to be. The rock will add much needed weight to the frame of the well undernourished Englebert who in the winter is able to walk on top of the snow not sinking in and making tracks.
second year college student at UW Milwaukee was surprised by the proposal and seemed to be the last to know as Sobieck announced his plan to everyone the night before at the house.
Sobieck had to alter his plan when the local Denny's where he had carefully planned the TeeLite candle light ceremony was full to capacity and the couple was forced to move to The Prime Quarter down the street to find ample room and a quiet smoky place for the ritual.  Englebert a
The painfully thin Janel Englebert
Even though the proposal is over ant the commitment has been made the actual wedding is still a considerable distance in the future with Sobieck allowing Englebert time to finish her schooling before the wedding takes place. Sobieck who had asked Englebert's Dad for her
hand acknowledged that even though Englebert desperately wanted to be considered as an XPFL cheerleader this is not a ploy to circumvent the regular selection process for the position. It is unknown how Sobieck's lifelong commitment will affect his habitual crashing, sinking, and burning of his personal property or whether Englebert will become a part of these practices in the future.

Reaction to permanently joining the J&J couple was mixed with most offering a hearty congratulations and some like the axis of evil seeing the wedding as yet another opportunity to get drunk. Local Oneida harlot and sister of the groom Brittany Sobieck saw no reason to wait and began drinking at the mention of the proposal. The harlot was unable to attend a brunch the next day held at the home of "The Kat" due to a severe hang over.

In yet another battle to show female superiority Cleen Poquette has been injured proving a point. Cleen a long time employee of Thillmany Paper was injured this week in a forklift accident that was not her fault. Cleen injured her noggin when the forklift she was driving was hit by another forklift operated by a male driver.
Justin Sobieck
She walked away from the accident but was taken to a local hospital complaining of head trauma. It is not known if the male driver was injured. She was diagnosed with a concussion and after  being examined, watched for a while,  and cleared from the hospital 
Poquette was picked up and taken home where she rested for a while. Justin Sobieck was pressed into service to chauffeur Poquette around because she was unable to drive for a while as requested by the doctor. Poquette feels that if the other driver had been female the accident would never have happened.
Cleen Poquette
Although Jessie is on the mend from her ATV accident of several weeks ago she is still bothered by the broken wrist now in a cast. Poquette who is currently living with her mother Jean Poquette Hansen says that the wrist feels "all wobbly and ready to fall off."
Poquette Hansen offered to take in the disabled Poquette after complaining her boyfriend refused her aid and comfort after the accident. Although
Jean Poquette Hansen feared Jessie would fail in putting on fake eyebrows she actually succeeded in doing so and Poquette Hansen's services were sidelined for the task. Poquette Hansen has been relegated to assisting Jessie with everyday tasks such as putting on her shoes and assisting her in the shower. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Jessie Poquette
August 20, 2006

What:        Baby Shower
Who: Jacquelyn Poquette
When: Saturday August 26th 2006
3:00 pm Until 6:00 pm
Where:     Crystal Lake Apartments Clubhouse 1530 Crystal Lake Circle Green Bay WI 54311

(Parking is limited, you may want to arrive early or car           pool. Additional parking is on the road.)

R.S.V.P: Laura 920-265-2605


     ust at the last second before consumption did it make sense to the Kat just what the image was on the potato chip she was about to put in her mouth was. It was the face of Jesus. The Kat who usually thoroughly inspects her food before placing it in her mouth almost missed the saviors image on the root crop delicacy and with it the sign from God gone forever.

Speculation as to what the image means from family members ranges from the end of the world as thought by Sue Wenzel to a message from God that we must impeach George Bush as expressed by Dick Poquette.

The image itself bears no physical features so it is not clear that it is Jesus, however photography at the time of Jesus was limited so no actual photos of Jesus exist making it impossible to compare the chip to an actual likeness of the savior.

The Kat when asked if she would be open to selling the chip on e-bay shuddered at the thought of someone else having her precious find. She said "I'm going to have this framed and placed in a special spot in the house where it can be properly adorned, as soon as I get it shoveled out."

As reported in the June 18 edition of the NEWSLETTER Sam Poquette is to be a grandfather soon with the birth of his first grandchild provided by his daughter Jacquelyn.

As reported by Jackie the gender of the child is now known, it's going to be a girl and she will name it Adriana. That's assuming that the ultrasound she had is accurate. As you know ultrasounding is an inexact science whereby an image is attained from inside a body as measured by density. Of course when looking at a child inside the mother gender is determined by looking for the stem on the apple which can easily be missed with the crude image.

Jacquelyn is having a baby shower August 26th and those wishing to attend can consider themselves invited by reading this. She doesn't have everyone's address so she is hoping you will pass the word. The address Crystal Lake Circle is really
Kat finds chip with face of Jesus!
Bellevue St. according to Jackie. She also is looking forward to showing off her new baby at Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. It looks like everyone will get to meet Adriana at some point.
Jacquelyn and Sam at Christmas
Even though 10 year old Lance Pickett's interests are mostly with his gameboy and Sony PSP he did manage to squeeze in enough time to commiserate with a gaggle of girls at the annual dance held at Camp Duncan. The camp which Lance attended last month is the effort of those generous people who support organ transplants for children in need.
Pickett who was approached by the 5 girls at the dance took turns with each as he showed them his special dance moves. Later as each realized the charm and talent Pickett possessed they fought over who would have him in the end.

Pickett's younger brother Cole when asked about the incident utter the words "Nance mean."
Jacquelyn's unltasound of Adriana