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August 27, 2006
             ari "Marge" Wenzel was married in a secret ceremony somewhere in the state of Texas about 3 weeks ago. Relatives of the former Wenzel told the newsletter that little was known about the boyfriend other then he is in the military and is about to ship out to Germany. Relatives did seem to know also that the former Wenzel is to be moving to Germany soon to live with her new husband.

Kelly Wenzel sister to the former Wenzel was heard to say that she for one was glad to see the former Wenzel go and couldn't be happier.

The wedding which occurred sometime early in August was not attended by the mother of the Bride Sue Wenzel.
Wenzel did however know about the wedding and would have liked to go however she felt she could better serve humanity by laboring at her permanent employment changing adult diapers. Wenzel who is employed by the San Louis Manor is loved by many of the residents not the least
A katandmick photo
Marge Wenzel marries unknown boyfriend
Sue Wenzel eats wedding cake brought back by Marge
of which is Amber McCarol eternal friend of Sue's mother the late Mary Poquette.

Marge, as she is known to family is expected to leave for Germany at the end of October to live with her new husband.

Struggling to find gainful employment for some time now, the highly skilled computer savoy Tim Lade is forced to accept a form of less skilled employment and is testing to drive a school bus. Lade who has been out of work since before Thanksgiving thinks it will be a good fit for him and at least get him out of the house and back into the real world of the work force. Lade favors the idea of seasonal employment as well and likes the idea of having the summer off.

In a phone conversation with "The Kat" Lade questioned her about the pro's and con's of bus driving, as well as the details of unemployment compensation in the summer months.

Chrissy Meeuwsen who is in college is participating in a program where she is to attend a semester of college in a foreign country. Her country of choice was Argentina. Meeuswen who left the country Monday July 24 bound for Argentina will be there until November 20th. Meeuwsen is learning more detailed Spanish, and economics.
A katandmick photo
Tim pretrips his bus before the school year begins
As an ulterior motive to her education Meeuwsen also seeks medical help in the country where regulation is not as strict and a cure for her troublesome club leg is more attainable.

A visit is planned for Meeuwsen when her father and mother Richard and Mary Meeuwsen fly
to Argentina this fall specifically to see Chrissy.

There's new reading on the Opinion Page, that's all the news that is news, see ya.
Chrissy Meeuwsen
September 3, 2006
         uesday was the night set aside for Jean Poquette Hansen's birthday party held at Los Bandito's on West Mason St. It was to be a somewhat subdued affair with everyone supposed to be attending work the next day. Poquette Hansen an avid Margarita drinker held back on her thirst
and only consumed two pitchers of margarita's with a little help from me of course. "The Kat" who drank non alcoholic drinks and Trixie Sobieck who also attended the party consumed only beer.
If you were not invited to the gala event, do not fret you are in good company. Jean Poquette Hansen celebrated her birthday with a few family members and no friends. Hansen who has alienated most if not all of her friends finds them to be too much bother or to irritating to have around. Hansen feels the same about many of her sisters friends as well, as a matter of fact Hansen who organized a birthday party for her closest sister purposely left some of her sisters friends off the invitation list because she herself did not approve of them and felt they were not appropriate to be her sisters friends.

Hansen who had just undergone eye surgery to repair damage from a cataract the week before felt she needed a little something special for her birthday to recover. Hansen, upon the suggestion from the waitress treated herself to a helping of fried cheesecake. She found it to be non palatable and asked her sister Trixie for her opinion to which she replied "It tastes like feet."

Upon finishing dinner the group quietly returned to Trixie's house and chatted for a few minutes before breaking up and going home.

The marriage of Marge Wenzel in Texas about three weeks ago was confirmed this week by long time brother Whitey Cornelius. Cornelius actually a half brother to Wenzel said that she married two time Turkey Bowl player Nathan Hanes. Hanes apparently debuted in TB V when he played for the winning Blue Jell-O team which was victorious over the Red Gobblers 49 to 42. Although Hanes was not a memorable player he did return to the Turkey Bowl grid iron last year for TB VI but it is unknown which team he played on as the player roster was lost. Photographs identify Marge as being a Red Gobbler although that is no guarantee that Hanes was on the same team. Hanes apparently favored
Jean Poquette Hansen along with sisters "The Kat" and Trixie leave Los Banditos after an evening of celebration
playing with Wenzels other half brother, Blue Jell-O team captain Jules Cornelius. Hanes a long time friend of Wenzel is about to embark on a journey to Germany where he will serve in the military. Marge Hanes as she is to be known as now will join him some time late in October. Although Cornelius
was able to confirm the marriage and supply a name of the husband he was unable to supply any more information about the happy couple and their intentions for the future. He did also mention that Hanes is from Oconto and has known Marge for years. Cornelius hinted at attending a private wedding reception for the couple with only immediate family and close friends in attendance.

An oversize decorative frog which adorned the front of the Pickett family home is reported as missing by the Kat.
Kari "Marge" Hanes
The frog which used to be by the front of the house near the entrance was about 25 times the size of a common frog found in Wisconsin. The Kat which had lost a large porcelain chicken previously, actually found the chicken in a different room where she had put it and forgot about it. As was the case in that instance she was and is now quick to accuse two prominent members of the Axis of Evil, Jean Poquette Hansen and Trixie Sobieck of chicanery in the matter.
The Kat thinks that Poquette-Hansen and Sobieck were able to sneak over the the Kat and Mick offices and liberate the frog from it's dreary surroundings. The loss of the frog so soon after the apparent
disappearance of the porcelain chicken were too much for the Kat to bear and she retired for the day to her room where she lay's in solace reading Harlequin Romance's. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Have you seen this frog?