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January 21, 2007
Chicken Night News
       n just a few short months the place where the faithful Chicken Night followers had met for years will be gone forever or at the very least closed down. The famous Cliff and Ceils will be razed to make way for new properties although it is not yet clear what is to take it's spot.

The property which had been owned by the Loritz Family had been sold several years ago to the Van Rite Family owners of two other bar and food establishments in the Green Bay area known as "The Rite Place" and "The Rite View". The Van Rites had not directly run the facility opting to lease it to someone else for the time being.

Rumors had been floated that the property had been sold and a Lowe's home fix up store was to locate there, however according to a source close to the KAMR local contractors dispute the claim and say the land has not yet been sold to anyone and no plans exist to build a Lowe's on the site.

The same contractors are also suggesting the the Van Rite family has purchased land across the street from Cliff and Ceils and are planning a new restaurant and bar across the driveway from Menards.

The Queen of Chicken Night, Jean Poquette- Hansen has stated that service was extremely poor several months ago on her last visit to the establishment which has closed it's doors forever
sometime around the first of this year. When asked for her reaction to the closing of the pub where the time honored tradition of "Chicken Night" went on for so many years and so many celebrations of all kinds she replied :
So it is without warning, not even with so much as a chance to organize a farewell gathering to visit the facility that served us so well for so many years that we must bid adieu to the once popular Friday night gathering spot. As we think about all the special gatherings we attended there such as birthday parties, getting a new job parties, wedding announcement parties, and of course all the Brittany got a new boyfriend parties we are reminded of just how special that place was to us all. We shall miss the original gathering spot of Chicken Night and close another chapter in the book of our lives, all we will have now are memories of swilling beer and eating greasy chicken on any given Friday Night, date unknown at the famous Cliff and Ceils. The one time Queen of Chicken Night Jean Poquette - Hansen shall polish her crown one last time before she puts it in it's glass case for good as Chicken Night is no more. Please take a minute to visit our Cliff and Ceils Chicken Night memories page accessible with the link at the bottom of this page. 

The latest copies of TBVII on DVD are ready to be shipped out. Scott Treml after much anguish managed to get things in order on his computer and burn the DVD's. Treml had to take the computer to a professional to have it repaired after installing a video program that disrupted it's operations. All of the people that ordered the Calendar/DVD package should receive their package soon as we are planning to mail them out this week. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Jean Poquette - Hansen readies herself for Chicken Night several years ago at the height of her popularity by adorning her head with the Queen of Chicken Night Crown
Jean Poquette - Hansen
Click here to see a photo montage of memories from Cliff and Ceils.
"Well, time marches on I guess, I just go to the bar across the street from my house now." When asked if that is the new Chicken Night gathering place now she replied "I don't know, It is for me now." With the Chicken Night tradition founded by Poquette Hansen one would think she would have shown a hint of sentimentality, however none was apparent as she spoke of the declining service and poor menu selections during her last visit to the old gathering place. Furthermore no invitation was extended to organize the old group in a new place signaling that it was over, Chicken Night was dead.