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March 4, 2007
Search of kingdom will not be necessary as rightful owner steps forward.
On January 14 we explained that the Kat would be conducting a class for new brides and brides to be on domestic affairs. Although no date has been set as of yet, Jean Poquette Hansen has already signed up to participate in the class.

Hansen who has rejected the notion of marriage for a second time, may be warming up to the idea with the help of the free class. The Kat noted for her domestic skills and superior image as the perfect wife has graciously offered her vast knowledge to share with new wives and those destined for that lifestyle.
           ast week in the NEWSLETTER we told you of the plans to search the Kingdom of North Twin for the matching foot that would fit the slippers found in the Sobieck closet. We are proud to report that it will not be necessary to do so and the search is over.

We told you last week how Lola Sobieck was determined to find the owner of a pair of blue slippers found in the closet of the master bedroom. Lola needed to find out for sure that they did not belong to the 79 year old widow next door, thus ruling out the possibility that Joe was having extramarital affairs with the geriatric neighbor.

After checking back on the story this week with the unnamed source we found out that a regular reader of THE NEWSLETTER recognized the slippers and fessed up to owning the fuzzy footwear.
Apparently Brenda Josephi had brought the slippers up to the cottage on an earlier visit and forgotten them there. While Josephi was amused at her mothers reaction she had not intentionally meant to create a disturbance with the unclaimed footwear.
Brenda Josephi
Hansen realizing that her domestic skills  are inadequate concerning nick knackery, excessive and oversized furniture has eagerly signed up for the course so as to make the perfect mate should the opportunity for marriage arise again.
Hansen, a forty six year old medical records worker living in Greenleaf is in a serious relationship with James B Seidel. Seidel a forty two year old truck driver and professional conversationalist has hinted in the past that marriage would be a good fit for his lifestyle.
Jean Poquette Hansen
Hansen on the other hand has shied away from the idea in the past citing tax concerns and differences of opinion regarding where their children would attend school, an obvious cover for her low self opinion concerning her domestic skills.
Seidel who would like to talk more about the arrangement to Hansen has been abruptly cut off by her every time he brings up the subject. Not wanting to waste his precious time off arguing over marriage Seidel always drops the subject in favor of more pleasing conversation.
James Seidel

Aimee Poquette formally became Mrs. Chris Richey on Saturday February 24. A small ceremony held in Cancun Mexico was attended by a small group of family and friends. The couple will reside with their pets and Richey's work dog Heiko, near Cincinnati where they both work. A reception will be held at Four Seasons Park in Hobart in May for family and friends living in this area.

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