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May 7, 2006
      n what medical science has dubbed a "medical accomplishment" Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck has become a shinning icon for experimental surgery. Sobieck who complained to her doctor about leg pain after her 6 hour daily workouts in two 3 hour shifts underwent experimental surgery to remove painful "leg pulp" which doctors say collected on the interior of her short but muscular support
columns. Along with the leg pulp very close veins were detected and removed which were also a contributing factor to Sobieck's pain. The procedure which leaves the leg hollow inside after complete involves the insertion of a device much like an apple core remover.
According to Doctor FB Melonballer Sobieck's surgeon the device is inserted through a small hole drilled in the heel and forced to the knee joint. Once in place tiny umbrellas are expanded and the device is drawn back pulling leg pulp and very close veins out where healthy tissue once grew much the same as pulling the guts out of a pumpkin. When the procedure is complete the hollowed out legs are left with the bone and a 3/4 inch thick layer of a bacon like material under the skin to give texture. The hollow area is then filled with urethane foam to fill the void, except that Trixie had one leg connected to her stomach instead so when she's out consuming malted beverages the hollow area could be used for extra storage thus giving a literal meaning to the term "hollow leg."

Sobieck says relief was instant and would not think twice about having it done again. "My legs don't throb any more and I can sleep again" says Sobieck. Sobieck did have trouble recovering from the anaesthetic however and remained in hospital care for 3 hours longer then anticipated due to her inability to fully awaken from her drug induced sleep. 60 small holes exist now where veins were removed and two stitches to close wider holes where more room was needed to get the job done.

Jean Poquette Hansen informed The Newsletter that Sobieck is having trouble staying away from the stitches and is always licking them. Hansen
took it upon herself to fit Sobieck with a cone around her neck to prevent access to the area.

With the advent of summer now it the time to conduct the spring and summer maintenance for a nice lawn and playing field by fall. Such is the case with Poquette Field and work being by Colleen Poquette is progressing nicely. Poquette or "Cleen" as she is known around the locker rooms reports she has thatched the field and added fertilizer to the turf to make an excellent playing surface for TB VII.
Trixie Sobieck now has relief from leg pain
Trixie leaves the hospital with a cone to prevent licking her stitches
Poquette takes great pride in maintenance of the sports complex because of it's namesake. When naming rights were awarded 6 years ago it was thought that the appropriate path to take on naming was toward the original owner. Poquette's husband, Dick Poquette lobbied successfully to have
the then nameless stadium named after his parents and their family members. So the once baron vacant lot that everyone ignored and walked by became the communities sports stadium and was appropriately named Poquette Field.
Poquette Field Maintenance
"Cleen" Poquette
Logan Sobieck or "Cougar" as he is now known since the golfing season has opened reports he is consistently shooting a 100 on 18 holes. Cougar is thought to be poised to be the next adolescent pro golfer and was encouraged to find out he may be a shirt tail relation to previous adolescent pro "Tiger" Woods. Cougar Sobieck attributes his success to winter rules and hopes some day to break out into regular rules. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Dear Kat, I'm a construction worker and I usually wind up working away from my home during the week. When I get home I would like to relax and build up for the next week of work, but my wife schedules work for me on all of my free time. Right now I'm working on her sisters house but I wind up working everywhere and on everybody's house. I want to be able to come home and not worry about another project to get done but how do I convince my wife?
Signed; Workaholic in Hobart

Dear Workaholic, Here's what I find works when people are trying to lay out work for me. Get your wife started in crafting. Once her time is occupied making and selling mildly clever seasonal decorations that she won't even get close to recovering her time on, she won't bother you any more with home remodeling projects. Better make sure before you get her started though you have enough room for a lot of extra parts left over from crafting, put a lot of high shelves in your garage for that stuff. Make sure you also have room for a lot of cobbled together bird houses and primitive furniture that she'll be hauling home from the craft shows too. Give her things that she can do herself while you are gone or she'll be bothering you to cut stuff out for her when you're are home!  You might even send her up to the north woods somewhere for a weekend craft show while you recline in front of the TV in your easy chair.
katandmick photo
May 14, 2005
            either Rick or Bobbi was home at the time when their upscale upper west side apartment was broken in to this past week.  While both were at work on Wednesday May 10th a prowler made his way into the fashionable home by breaking down the door. Once inside he had his pick of Rick and Bobbi's video collection which from what Rick's calculations are is the only thing the burglars took. Eye witness descriptions of the thieves were given to the police by neighbors which strangely enough match the description of friends of Bobbi's brother.
Poquette's father Dick Poquette instructed Rick on how to make repairs to the door to make it secure, before nightfall again came. 

In a phone interview conducted last week, Cheryl Purshock revealed that they are sick of Illinois and are moving back to Florida on May 27th. Purshock who has been employed in Belleville, Illinois on Scott Air Force Base has been trying for some time to return to a Florida base so that the couple could settle back into their estate in Fort Walton Beach. Purshock originally thought the transfer to the Illinois base would work in her favor but when she failed to make it into the prestigious Thunderbirds, the US Air Force elite flying team, Purshock lost interest and wanted to go back to Florida.

The Florida Purshock home now occupied by Cheryl Purshock's daughter Crystal Blue Bananas is repaired and back to it's original condition after suffering major roof damage due to hurricane Ivan on September 16, 2004. Purshock had to have all the ceilings and carpeting replaced as well as the roof when water poured into the structure during the hurricane when it came on land. The Purshock's who are land barons in Illinois as well are the owners of two homes in Belleville with the completion of the last home purchase just weeks ago. It is not known if the Purshock's will sell the newly acquired property or try to manage it while living in Florida.

Cheryl who will have a job upon returning to Florida states that Steve will not have a job waiting for him when they move back into their FWB mansion. After considering the situation for less than sixty seconds Steve stated that he would make a career out of being a beach bum.

In a surprise announcement this past week Christina Bern daughter of the one time head cheerleader for the XPFL Joyce Perock states that she will marry childhood sweet heart Justin Crabb. Bern, a close personal friend of this reporters son Alex Pickett, became a popular student in West De Pere High School and graduated near the top of her class. Perock has been hoping for some time to get her daughter married off often suggesting to many eligible bachelors the notable qualities that her daughter processes.  The exact date, and location of the wedding is not yet known but when it becomes available we will have it here.

If you are wondering what the new construction is where the old White Eagle Tavern used to be, then wonder no more. There's a new White Eagle being built, only now it will be the White Eagle Sports Bar and Grill. According To Tom Rassmussen owner of R-Team Construction, the contractor working on the building, the same family that owned the former White Eagle Tavern has retained the property and are building new. The son of the last people that ran the bar will open the new White Eagle Sports Bar and Grill on the same property where once stood the notorious White Eagle Tavern. It has been two years since we reported the demise of the original White Eagle (July 2004) and no one knew what would happen to the property. It is nice that the name will live on with a new building and hopefully a new and better reputation.
Cheryl points to Steve after uttering the words "beach bum"
Is this Kat?  Hey long time viewer, first time writer, Mr. Obvious here.  Well my problem is that I have this person calling me all the time, she seems to be a chronological liar and likes to make up stories to make life interesting.  I told her I don't deal with this stuff I just solve house hold problems, not mental issues.  I told her I would come up with an answer after I talked to you.  Oh by the way, she had another problem, kissing girls, if you could come up with a solution to end that problem too, it would be greatly appreciated.

Mr. Obvious

Dear Mr. Obvious, Thanks for viewing me and I'm glad you finally got the courage to write in. Now this business

about a chronological liar, I presume that would be a person that can only tell lies in the order in which they
happened in time. Unless of course you mean a pathological liar, who is a person that can't help but lie about everything they say because it is a sickness. I'm going to assume that is what you meant to ask me. If the contact with this person bothers you then the answer is easy, simply tell them that if they lie to you there is a device you have connected to the phone which will melt the phone to their ear if a lie is told. If this does not end the lying then have the liar's number blocked. The second problem you speak of "kissing girls" seems like not a problem at all. What guy doesn't want to see a little girl on girl action once and a while. I say sit back and enjoy.
Construction has begun on the new "White Eagle"
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