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April 27, 2008
Timber Rattler Outing Ticket List Click Here.
6 Years Ago in The NEWSLETER
A katandmick photo
                 imee Richey has dreamed for years of becoming a mama and this week she will get her wish. With the child already overstaying it's welcome in the womb soon the baby will be forced to enter the world via induced labor or a C section.

Richey has already exceeded her expectations for size and is sporting a belly three to four times it's normal size. The doctor has already warned Richey that the bun is not to stay in the oven much longer and she is to prepare to have it pried from her body.

A birthing team of doctors standing by at the hospital for the Richeys has already estimated the weight of the baby at 22 to 25 lbs.

The baby's father Chris Richey has accepted responsibility for delivery should there be an urgent need for delivery on the way to the hospital by viewing the film Sudden Birth offered to the couple by staffers at the KAMR.
Sudden Birth offers step by step instructions on how a law enforcement officer should conduct a childbirth should he be called into action in case of an emergency. Richey a veteran cop with the Indiana State Police was delighted to receive the film especially geared toward law enforcement
The film leaves nothing to the imagination and shows footage of an actual birth inside the back seat of an automobile.

The main message of the film is to keep calm and let nature take it's course, the officer is to let the baby come out on it's own and is not there to pull it out like meat from a sausage stuffer.

The sex of the child is already known and will be a girl. The name of the infant has already been picked out and will be announced pending the birth announcement. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Chris Richey
Aimee Richey as she looked six weeks ago
Chris Richey prepares for "Sudden Birth" as he watches this film
Stephen King and Adolf Hitler visit Chicken Night
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A katandmick photo