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February 17, 2008
Seven years ago in The Newsletter

Feb. 18, 2001
Here is a developing story we are reporting on, Rick and Stephanie in their generous spirit have purchased the Royal Scott mansion on the Royal Scott Golf Course. The word
is that all Poquette family functions in the future will be held at the mansion, all events held in the temperate seasons will include as many rounds of golf as you can stand. Click here to read more.
                    egan Krueger has let it be known that her current boyfriend Stephen Sampson is the one that will become her husband some day. Sampson and Krueger have known each other since before either of them can remember and became friends in high school. But it cannot be said that the couple were high school sweet hearts because they have only been an item for about a year and a half.
Sampson is carnivorous so he loves to eat steak, he likes them juicy and hot, but he is also a musician and is proficient at playing guitar and has played in various bands. He is a student at UW Milwaukee and hopes for a career in advertising. Stephen
Sampson has spoken to Krueger about future plans involving marriage, however he has not yet formally asked for her hand in marriage to her or her father.

Megan Krueger likes the fact that her boyfriend is a musician and enjoys it when he sings love songs to her. Krueger who is shy by nature had trouble just getting past a boy kissing her for the first time and unlike a certain cousin has no pile of boyfriends in her back yard and remains devoted to Stephen.
Stephen Sampson
She admires his ability to be able to repair anything and also his "little buns". She thinks that the nuptials are at least a year and a half or two years away, but she is sure this is the guy she wants to marry.

Megan, the daughter of Darla Krueger (owner and
Megan puts on her English teacher face for the camera
operator of the wildly popular Shear Dementia) and Dave Krueger is currently a student with a double major in English at UW Milwaukee and is planning on a teaching career upon graduation. Krueger is also an avid reader of The Newsletter and shares the same passion for the written word as this writer.
The Royal Scott Mansion
Now well into lent and with Easter only a few weeks away winter weather should be diminishing leaving a hint of spring in the air. The official start of spring is only a month away yet we continue to have extreme winter weather in the Green Bay-Oneida area. This day will see yet another winter snow storm which forecasters say will dump in excess of 8 inches of new snow to the already above average yearly snowfall.

The day began with rain about 6 AM that quickly turned to ice in the 30 degree temperatures which had not changed much from the day before. Extreme cold which had been abundant earlier in the week relaxed it's grip for the weekend to make way for the snow and ice.

The Pickett children, Joanne and Tim Lade along with Jean Poquette Hansen and Trixie Sobieck were invited for a brunch at the offices of the KAMR but as the morning wore on it became apparent that no one relished the thought of venturing out into the wintry mix merely for the sake of a free meal. At about 8:30 the whole thing was called off due to bad weather, shortly after I was summoned by my employer to report to the downtown Courthouse campus and The Neville Public Museum to apply salt to areas already treacherous due to the freezing rain. Even as I type this I have received a call to report for work tomorrow for 4 AM to remove snow.
Snow falls on vehicles parked in the drivewy of the KAMR
A katandmick photo