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June 22, 2008
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Whole family pitches in to prepare Sobieck Ranch for visitors on Saturday.
                  s the target date for their twenty fifth anniversary approaches, Kevin and Trixie are busy at work to prepare their homey country ranch for hoards of visitors next Saturday.

The preparations began with the trimming of the shrubbery and manicuring the grounds and progressed to the cleaning of the garage and preparing a space for a celebration. The usual garage like structure is turned into what's known as "Sobieck Hall" for special occasions like this with carpentry equipment, bastardized bicycles and spare parts moved into a special tarped area off limits to guests.

The popcorn  popper is in place and poised for production with everyone welcome to their own portion of "heaven in a bag" as coined by Whitey Cornelius after a Turkey Bowl held in the same building. Guests will be treated to a lunch in the afternoon and liquid refreshments that evening. A familiar DJ will be on hand to provide entertainment and dance music.

The Sobieck Children Justin, Brittany, and Logan are not ignoring the preparations either. Brittany who has accumulated numerous connections to adult beverages has supplied beer to the festivity as well as helped with work on the grounds. Justin and Logan could not even be seen on recent visit as they were too busy inside the ranch polishing fixtures and woodwork in the home. The three children along with boyfriends and girl friends suggested to their parents that they just sit back and relax and let them do all the prep work for the 700 invited guests, but having the work ethic that they do Kevin and Trixie insisted they be involved and help as much as they can.

The couple met at the Oneida Church Picnic and hit it off immediately, Kevin thought that the then Trixie Poquette was witty and clever. Trixie found Kevin interesting, handy and hot. The couple remained together through thick and thin, built a home, and have raised three children in the last 25 years, Kevin still finds his wife witty and Trixie still thinks Kevin is hot.

Trixie's sister Jean Poquette Hansen who was also interested in Kevin 25 years ago put her name on the list to receive Kevin should Trixie meet an untimely death in a fiery crash. Such a crash never occurred, although several vehicles of hers over the years have had brake failures and as mechanics made repairs found the brake lines had been tampered with.

Peg and Dan VanLanen will again host the annual fourth of July party at their Town of Oneida home located on County Road U. The party is scheduled to get underway at 2:00 PM in the VanLanen back yard and will carry on into the evening. Dinner will be served in a buffet manor at about 4:00 PM, and those arriving for the dinner are expected to bring a dish to pass however the meat and buns will be provided by the VanLanen's.

After dinner we will all be treated to a short dissertation by Dan VanLanen about evil retail corporations demanding employees to work on holidays.  Soda and bottled water will be provided however should you require a malted beverage or other drinks containing alcohol it is suggested you bring your own. Later guests are invited to have fun at the expense of others by making outrageous comments. The evening will topped off by a fireworks finally.
Trixie asks Kevin to remove a hair on her tongue at another party. The hair was never found.

Sue Wenzel known to most as Zeus nearly perished Thursday night as she was overcome by chest pain. Wenzel 59, a Certified Nursing Assistant became alarmed by the growing intensity of pain in her chest Thursday evening and called her sister Mary Meeusen known as "Doats" to ask her opinion on the matter. Doats not willing to take chances took matters into her own hands after speaking to her older sister Margaret "Peg" briefly before
insisting that Wenzel seek professional medical assistance in a hospital.

Wenzel began to see her life flash in front of her and in a state of alarm remained silent through most of the ordeal, unusual in itself. Nitro glycerine was administered in the hospital but did not seen to help. Later doctors agreed that Wenzel had had a bad case of heartburn combined with acid reflux. When she began to feel better Doats told Wenzel she was about to leave and placed her purse at the foot of her gurney, she quipped: "Now you look just like those old ladies you take care of in the nursing home." Wenzel outraged by the comparison shouted expletives at her sister and suggested strongly that she leave at once. Wenzel was eventually discharged with a prescription for acid reflux and with no further care needed.

As covered earlier this month (Newsletter June 8) Chrissy Meeusen has joined the Peace Corps and will be departing early in July. In a last ditch effort to convince Chrissy that they care Mary and Dick Meeusen will host a going away party for their youngest child on Sunday June 29 at 3:00 PM.
Sue Wenzel
Doats indicated that there will be a bonfire in the back yard and a cookout. Certain guests will be contacted by Meeusen as to specific food items to be brought to the party.
Mary Meeusen was asked about guests arriving for dinner bringing a dish to pass and she replied: "I'm not telling anyone to bring a dish to pass, but no one will be sent away if they do."

Meeusen is to depart Monday June 30 and spend two days in Phildelphia for
A katandmick photo
Chrissy Meeusen
training after which she is to leave for Africa. Meeusen plans to keep in touch by e-mail and her facebook page when she can get back to civilization. Meeusen's older brother Aaron has returned for the party and will remain until June 30 with his sister. Requests for directions or regrets can be phoned in at 434-9361. That's all the news that is news, see ya.