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March 9, 2008
Oneida, WI.  Well it's been somewhat of an uneventful week this week, last Sunday an interesting thing happened though, when we were at Mass on Sunday Kat was ready to receive communion when Father George said
                ichard Poquette is poised to make a purchase that will set his business location permanently. Poquette brother to Earl Poquette Jr. (head official in the XPFL) is in negotiations to purchase the building housing the headquarters of L&E Machine on West Mason St.

Richard or "Dick" as he is known has run an unofficial auto repair business for years at his home at 747 Florist Drive in the Village of Hobart. But last fall around Turkey Bowl time Poquette struck a deal with his elder brother Earl Jr. to rent the unoccupied shop connected to the back of his engine rebuilding facility. Dick felt with the volume of business he was doing and the lack of space needed to complete work on time a change was needed in order to keep everyone happy. With that in mind the move was made to the West Mason  location and a legitimate business has begun in a commercial area.
Dick Poquette
Since relocation Poquette has grown the business and staff comes and goes as needed varying with the amount of repairs waiting to be done. Poquette has been able to grow due largely to referrals from regular customers. The number of new customers have grown in the past months and are continuing to do so.
Even though it doesn't seem like it by the thermometer we have turned the corner on winter and it's time to start making summer plans. This summers schedule is a busy one with a wedding and two anniversaries already on your busy schedule.

In order to get choice seating it is necessary to book the summer  Timber Rattler outing now. In order to get a break on seating we need at least 20 people to sign up for an outing. Because June is already such a busy month July is thought to be a more desirable month to make plans. The Saturday home game dates available are July 5 and July 26th. Both games are with the Beloit Snappers. The July 5th game is Stars and Stripes weekend, Timber Rattlers will be wearing red, white & blue jersey which will be available to purchase via silent auction. July 26th. is Star Wars Night / Charles Schwab Fireworks Night, although there are no details I'm sure there will be events and costume connected with the movie. I suspect the 26th is a better weekend to plan it because of less interference with any plans for the 4th.

Feedback is preferred as to what night you prefer and I will be booking this soon so please call or email as soon as you can so I can reserve box seats. $8.00 ea. Please Call the KAMR offices at 920-869-2368 or email me at with your plans and requests. I hope to make the reservations within the next two weeks.

Next Saturday March 15 the parents of the groom will host a shower for Brandon Pickett and Clara Snell at the Hobart Town Hall. The couple are planning to be married at the end of May.

Food, refreshments, and music will be provided beginning at 7PM. By special arrangement a magician will be on hand for entertainment at around 8:30PM.
With the elder Poquette nearing retirement and not needing the space currently being leased by his brother Dick, Earl Poquette Jr. is considering selling the entire operation to his younger brother and leasing the space required for his operation. So far there is no definite word on whether a deal has
been struck or if a workable plan has developed from the talks.

Earl Poquette Jr. began L&E Machine with Lyle Cole over 30 years ago in a location near the Brown County Fairgrounds on what is now Fort Howard Ave. After 8 years at the De Pere location an opportunity popped
up to purchase the present facility on West Mason St. At that time the building consisted of one main structure, the smaller addition west of the main building was built in latter years to separate the engine rebuilding facility from the auto repair facility making it easier for Poquette to rent that portion to prospective auto repair specialists. One of his renters built a new facility directly across the street making it difficult for Poquette to rent the garage to another competitor. After a number of years vacant another repair facility located in his shop for a couple of years but for what ever reason they too closed and left the shop vacant again until this fall when Dick moved in.

Dick Poquette prefers this location over others because of the large amount of land surrounding the site, a necessary requirement for him to build his dream, a grandchildren daycare center. Poquette: "What kid doesn't like to get full of oil and grease?......... we're gonna have our daycare connected right to our lube center."
Earl Poquette Jr.
"the body of Christ" to her and of course the standard reply is AMEN, well I don't know.....

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If for some reason you have not received an invitation and thought you should have consider this your personal invite. Please come early and stay late. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
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Tailgating at the Timber Rattler game last year
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