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March 16, 2008
Oneida, WI.  Last week Zeus visited the doctor and he found that her "halo", the device that holds her head straight so her neck can heal, was actually falling off of her head. The fixture was so loose that indeed it could have come apart allowing her
head to snap off. You see her neck is broken in three places and the fourth bone is brittle from
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                  fter extensive preparations were made to promote the event, the magician hired to entertain those attending the shower for Brandon Pickett and Clara Snell Saturday failed to appear. It was not a trick gone bad but instead a failure to adhere to the appointed time he was to arrive at the Hobart Town Hall for setup.
Magician Bob Nowak agreed to perform for the shower and asked to set up at around 6:30 PM to be ready for the 8:30 PM show. Kat agreed to be at the Town Hall and offered any help he may need. Decorating and set up of tables and chairs along with set up of DJ equipment was
Bob Nowak
was completed at about 4:30PM allowing us just enough time to get ready pick up some ice and head back to let Bob in. But alas when we arrived back at the Town Hall there was a note on the door from Bob stating he was there and there was no one to let him in.

A call to the magician after arriving at the Hall at 6PM was fruitless. After admitting it was his mistake he said that it was too late and he would be unable to put on the show as he had already unloaded his equipment. Needless to say the Kat was disappointed as were the people who had brought the children to see him perform.

No one could have been more upset by the absence of Nowak than Jean Poquette Hansen's friend and life partner James Seidel. Seidel had been looking
forward to the performance since it had been announced three weeks ago.  Seidel a big fan of stage acts has gone in the past to see acts at county fairs and the like but had not seen a magician in performance before.  Seidel a truck driver made special arrangements and made his
schedule work around the attendance of the shower just to see the magic show.

James Seidel
Seidel was so disappointed by the news of the cancellation that he dragged himself home rather than stay at the event and be distracted by his disappointment. Before leaving Seidel spoke of how this was the second time this year he had suffered a severe let down after a show was canceled when the scheduled
talent failed to show up. Earlier Seidel had again made special arrangements to get time off to see King Kong Bundy wrestle in person but Bundy had failed to show up for the appointed date.
King Kong Bundy
Once again Seidel had to console himself and ingest copious amounts of alcohol to sooth his shattered expectations.

Seidel who was now stung twice by disappointment after rebuilding his schedule around a stage performance will probably never again augment his work schedule to attend a function promising entertainment. You may want to think twice before asking Seidel to another function where entertainment is planned or at least make a disclaimer stating you are not responsible if the talent cancels.

Another unexpected irregularity was the shortage of food for the lunch provided. Kat had worked all day preparing food and had made sloppy joes. She had made some extra and left it at home thinking that that would be for our consumption during the week after but the hungry crowd had consumed almost all of the meat she had brought along, so her and Trixie made the trip home and scooped up the extra loose meat and some other food that had not previously been there.
That effort allowed some late comers  to partake of the food as well.

Val Snell who assisted with the shower preparations had purchased some door prizes to give away and during three presentations we gave those away after cards with names on were drawn by Ashley Snell.
Val Snell was assisted by her cousin Amanda and decorated the hall in the signature black and pink in the afternoon before the affair.

Clara Snell was honored with suggestions from well wishers who read hints on how to be a good wife which were published in Housekeeping May 13, 1955. Click here to see The Good Wife's Guide.
A katandmick photo
Eileen Sobieck and Alex Pickett dance at Clara and Brandon's shower
The readings began with Paul Snell (Clara's father) reading number 1 and ended with Brandon reading number 18.

The party ended some time around midnight with no fights except for Val Snell being badgered by party goers about her wedding date interfering with the Halloween Party. 1.5 cases of beer were left out of the twelve cases brought to the hall for the party.

Brandon and Clara had taken their contributions home from the little church constructed by Kevin Sobieck. After some clean up and mopping the hall was closed at 1:30 AM. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Local magician takes disappearing act too far.