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August 9, 2009

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            ust as things seemed to be lining up some new twists are creating concern for Megan Krueger or Megadeth as she is known and her wedding.

First off the groom Steve Sampson has been growing his hair long for some time and is proud of his growth to date. Megadeth being a traditionalist is in favor of Sampson getting a hair cut some time before the nuptials but he has given no indication such an event is in the making.  While Megadeth is relatively indifferent to Sampson's personal preferences with hair length she is asking he loose the "Cousin It" style so guests remember who was the bride and who was the groom the day after the wedding.

Another stumbling point in the plans was Sampson's
hatred for wedding cake. Convinced that cake was only a rarely chosen option a weddings Megadeth had to resort to harassment before Steve agreed to order a cake for the celebration. Unwilling to answer the foreseen flood of inquiries regarding the absence of a cake Megadeth suggested to Steve that he make an announcement from the head table at dinner explaining his loathing of cake confectionaries. With Steve's suggestion that the cake be kept simple, Megadeth went ahead and ordered a basic lemon poppy seed, amaretto and  raspberry cream, marble, and white poppy seed cake. Grandma Lola loves the white poppy seed cake(the more poppy seeds the better). The lemon poppy seed with be reserved for the head table only.

The head table will sport no less than two best men to be available at Sampson's beckoned call. With Sampson unable to choose between his best friends for a single head groomsman both men will accompany Megadeth's sister down the isle creating a Rachel sandwich. Both men will have rings to present at the ceremony, the traditional wedding ring and a wedding toe ring presented by best man number two. The two best men will be joined by 6  other groomsmen (yes that's right I said 6 six) for a total of 8 groomsmen. There are 7 bridesmaids making this wedding party almost as large as the guest list.

Darla Krueger, Megadeth's mom has been working diligently making boutonnieres and corsages has knitted a wrap for her daughter and herself for the wedding. She along with Brenda and Rachel have planned a bridal shower and plans to single handedly decorate the hall for the wedding. While Megadeth admires her mother for all her efforts two unidentified groomsmen also are somewhat infatuated by the pop culture hairdresser as well. The two groomsmen keep asking Megadeth if they can accompany Darla down the aisle to her seat at church on the wedding day. Megadeth reminds them every time that they are required to walk their respective brides maids down the aisle and walking her mom would disrupt the order of things. Even though she is pretty sure they are doing this just to ruffle her feathers she is almost just as sure that they each have a crush on her mom. It also goes without saying that the wildly popular Shear Dementia on West Mason St. in Green Bay will be the site of numerous bridesmaid hairdressing on the morning of the wedding.

Dave Krueger is not to be left out of the equation regarding preparation for the wedding either. Krueger has been busy creating, printing and cutting invitations through the good graces of his employer.
Steve Sampson who is refusing to cut his hair for the wedding and Megan Krueger a.k.a. "Megadeth"
Krueger, the father of Megadeth was allowed to work on the invitations on his own time with his employers equipment and required only to reimburse the cost of materials to his boss. Megadeth is extremely pleased with the results.

Finally Megadeth has a problem with the fit of her wedding dress. Since the fitting in January she has lost a whopping 4 lbs. and the dress now hangs on her boney frame like a burlap bag on a fence post. Confused by the loose fit Megadeth wonders if they were given erroneous information at Elaine's bridal regarding her expected size in the 8 months after the fitting. The dress will be taken in and everything will be fine.

The Sampson-Krueger wedding is less than 70 days away.

I have tried extra hard not to misspell words or use improper grammar because Megadeth is an English teacher. I know this is dangerous with my past history but the story is worth it even if I have to get my fingers slapped for improper English. That's all the news that is news, see ya.