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August 30, 2009

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                aturday August 29 was Jean Poquette-Hansen's Birthday. Hansen is a believer in celebrating life to it's fullest extent and so it was she invited friends and family to dine with her at The Olive Garden. Because there are few people that Hansen actually approves of, only family attended the evenings festivities. 

Hansen spent the afternoon with her sister Trixie Sobieck at some of the local establishments in Ashwaubenon sampling the liquor and beers and preparing for the dinner hour. At 6 PM this reporter along with The Kat arrived at The Olive Garden and ordered drinks with the Queen and her group before 
Queen Jean Poquette-Hansen
dinner.  The Kat offered the Queen her gift at the bar and with great anticipation she read the card then opened the gift. Poquette-Hansen couldn't have been more happy when she opened the bag and found the book of her dreams.  Kat had given
her Barry Manilow's autobiography.  After a short 30 to 40 minute wait the table was ready and Trixie and Kevin were the first to shuffle out and head for the table. A delay at the bar after ordering more drinks plus a snafu with the tab caused a 15 minute delay before the rest of the group arrived to the assigned table.

We were herded into a separate room with 6 tables but after just a few minutes the rest of the general public in the chamber evacuated much like pigs running out of a burning straw stack. Just the same a spikie haired Mexican national named Jessie came to take our order and hail the Queen who had become had become inquisitive at this point as to whether Janel Englebert was working that evening.

Englebert was at one time Justin Sobieck's
fiance but broke off the engagement after being smitten by Sobieck's cousin Alex Pickett. Pickett and Englebert are no longer seeing each other but the ordeal has left a bad taste in everyone's mouth who was connected with any of the three people involved in the story.  Poquette-Hansen in an attempt to exploit the story even further insisted to Jessie the waiter, who by the way was working in place of Alex Pickett that night,  that Englebert be present when her birthday cake was brought out and sing the happy birthday song to her. Upon returning Jessie explained that Englebert had become indignant and declined Poquette-Hansen's demands explaining that she refused as soon as she heard who was at the table.
After being told by the waiter that the cake for Jean was prepared by Janel she immediately checked it for spittle, but found none.
For the second time in as many weeks Logan "Cougar" Sobieck has claimed first place in the Sunday night four cylinder features at the Seymour speedway. Sobieck who is in his third year of racing has the bug in his blood and continues to improve in driving skill and mechanical performance of his car.

The following is an excerpt from the August 16th race report from the Seymour Speedway web site. Race news writer Dave Panske:
After a false start, the 4 Cylinders also set out on a non stop run for their feature with Mitch Pallock grabbing the lead followed by Justin Vannieuwenniven, Wayne Hansen, Tony Everard and Alex Lepak. Logan Sobieck moved into the lead pack by lap 3 and took over the lead on lap 7. Once in front, Sobieck moved away from the field leaving the battle for the runner up spot. More race news from Seymour can be seen by clicking here.
Sobieck graduated from West De Pere High School this spring and plans to continue his education this fall at Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College in the electrical lineman program. Completion of the schooling enables Sobieck to apply for a job in the power distribution field whether it be at Wisconsin Public Service Corp, W.E. Energies, or a private line contractor. Sobieck has not expressed a desire to leave the area so we are left to assume that he will continue his racing into next year.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Logan "Cougar" Sobieck at the Seymour Speedway
After we consumed our cake and Poquette-Hansen yet another 20 oz. beer we left for the night into the cold rain.

At a family picnic today Alex Pickett said he had received numerous notifications from employees at the Olive Garden as to what had transpired last night, with some describing our group as immature. Pickett informed them that they had no idea what his family was capable of and they should steer clear if they know what's best for them.