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December 6, 2009

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                he Turkey Bowl this year was honored to have Michael Poquette as one of it's guests and for the Poquette his first Turkey Bowl ever. Poquette who lives in the State of Washington made the trek to Wisconsin after years of making plans to visit family and friends in the dairy state. It is not known
just how long Poquette will stay or how he plans to return to his new home in Washington.

Poquette left many years ago leaving behind a son and daughter who have kept in touch since his departure. His daughter Mary has since been married but after Michael her husband was unable to stop
"hanging out with the guys" every night in the bar that has ended in divorce.  Poquette's son David also was scheduled to take a wife at 9:09 on 9/9/09 but no invitations were ever sent and details on what happened are unavailable.

Michael's two children who regularly attended the Turkey Bowl were no shows this year and their father who never attended before was there, go figure.

The so called Fat Club will once again be having it's annual Christmas Party and as usual it will be at the Sobieck home on Florist Drive in Hobart. Trixie Sobieck who hosts the party has chosen Friday December 18 to have the dinner party.

Dinner this year will be served at 5PM but cocktails and wine will be consumed over sparkling conversation in the gathering room of the mansion prior to the meal. The main course of the meal is not announced until the dinner begins but in previous years such delectable delights as beef Wellington and chicken fricassee have been served to members and their families with much adulation for the cook.
Michael Poquette
Eileen Sobieck at hard at work on Christmas Eve
Fat club members when ready to dine are seated at the large table centered in the dinning room while non members children and husbands are directed to card tables set up in the poorly lit living room.  The difference in light prevents FC members from seeing the non members and husbands just seated in the next room but allows those in the dim light to see in allowing non members and husbands to see the merriment of the members.
Merry Christmas from the Axis of Evil
If you're planning to attend this years gala event it should be noted that it is necessary to make an RSVP of sorts. Guests are expected to bring a dish to pass and a gift for the gift exchange. Because Trixie is unable to find the telephone in her house and does not monitor her cell phone, no one can actually get in touch with her without the possibility of several call exchanges. Therefore The Kat has graciously volunteered to step up to the plate and field calls for Eileen helping to plan the event. Your RSVP call can be placed to The Kat at 920-869-2368 whereby she will give you a choice of side dishes you can bring to the gathering, unless of course you are the last to call and will be assigned the final choice.

The gift exchange is the usual white elephant affair whereby an item from your home is extracted and wrapped for an unknown recipient.
Previous gift exchanges have resulted in the pilfering of ornaments and decorations from The Kat's vast collection of such nick knackary, however this years event is not in any way expected to host such a clever display of thievery. Participants are encouraged to search their home for an
item they are comfortable parting with and wrap it up to give to someone that may be able to use it. It's as simple as that.

While on the subject of Christmas the usual Christmas Eve celebration will be held at the Pickett household and KAMR headquarters. The usual meal of ham will again be the main entry and the video of the Turkey Bowl will be viewed along with the gift exchange discussed last week. Those wishing to purchase calendars and TB-X disks will be able to do so that night. Those who have purchased calendars will be able to pick up their disk that night. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
The Kat
A katandmick photo