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December 13, 2009

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                 he creation of the Poquette traditional meat pie Christmas delicacies was coordinated and produced this year at Jo Anne Lade's stylish and upscale home in the Village of Allouez. Guests who worked on the pies were treated to a tour of the home after removing their shoes so as not to soil the pure white carpeting which compliments the light colored decor of the home.

The meat pie production team who were all sisters of Joanne were offered complimentary ground bologna sandwiches and beer to comfort them during their part of the production line type process of making the annual upper Michigan treat. 
Merry Christmas from the Axis of Evil
Everyone had a part in the process each one as important as the other. Ingredients for the pies were brought by everyone who participated with the meat being the responsibility of Peg VanLanen who on the morning of the pie making date called the Kat and said "who's bringing the meat?"
The Kat keeps a sharp eye out for summer savory one of the main spices of the pies and hard to get at times. She purchases it when she can find it any time of the year and stores it in the freezer until baking day.

Judy Treml brought the rye bread more meat and offered up sparkling conversation of joy and good will about her three daughters all of whom are honor roll students in the Luxemburg school system.

The four worked tirelessly until all the pies were baked in Lades oven prone to underperformance due to a warped door, and the crew suffered only minimum exposure symptoms to the carbon monoxide emissions.

Tim Lade languished in the domicile for as long as he could take it and then announced a mystery trip to somewhere, only to return several hours later to find the quartet still in place making the pies. Tim's father Bud who lives with the couple kept one eye on the four taking copious notes and shutting off the sound on the TV often to check if he could overhear some cussing.

For those unaccustomed to the meat pie tradition the pies are kept frozen or cooled until Christmas Eve and then eaten before bed after attending midnight mass. Those with less than a cast iron stomach lining are encouraged to take a generous amount of Tums or alkaselzer after eating the pie if sleep is necessary.
Joanne Lade
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Joe Sobieck was recovering from open heart surgery as the ball was being kicked for the opening of Turkey Bowl at Poquette Field on Thanksgiving day.
Sobieck an avid fan of the Turkey Bowl was unable to attend after surgeons repaired several blocked arteries in his circulation system around his heart on Monday of that week. Sobieck who up to 5 years ago was employed by Schuch Construction retired to the north country and built a home on North Twin Lake near Eagle River Wisconsin. Sobieck has 5 children most notably Kevin Sobieck who has
married into the Poquette Family by taking Eileen "Trixie" Poquette as his wife some 26 years ago. Sobieck lives in his home with his second wife of 10 years Lola. Previously Sobieck had been married 30 years to his first wife......Lola.
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Joe Sobieck