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December 27, 2009

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A katandmick photo
            t has been known for some time that Sarah Angel Poquette and Phoenix Daniels have been carrying on an Internet affair of sorts. Daniels a musician and a native of Delaware has traveled to Wisconsin to be with his true love Sarah Angel Poquette. Sarah was able to woo away Daniels from another woman over the Internet which is no small accomplishment.

Although Poquette is tight lipped about almost anything having to do with their relationship the couple did accept an invitation to join us on Christmas Eve at the KAMR headquarters on County Road E in the Town of Oneida. Questions arose at that time as to whether Sarah Angel would be performing in the Phoenix Daniels Band, perhaps as a female vocalist. Poquette embarrassed by the questions hung her head with a smile while Phoenix Daniels comforted her and assured her that he had not said anything about that, a sure sign that that is what is going to happen. Although Poquette has had no formal training as a vocalist she does come from a family of singers on her fathers side. Joanne Lade an aunt of Poquette frequently sings for weddings and parties and Sarah Angel's grandmother sang in church quire and in her youth on local radio live. Poquette is likely to do well performing in public with the confidence gained from Phoenix Daniels guidance and encouragement.

Sarah Angel once active as a local wichen has all but abandoned the black occult in favor of spending time with Phoenix Daniels who is staying at her modest Hobart apartment. No schedule has been set for Daniels departure which may mean he may become a permanent fixture in the Poquette Family. According to Poquette Phoenix Daniels has been accepted by Sarah Angels grandmother and Cleen her own mother after hours of interrogation upon his arrival. When her father Richard "Dick" Poquette was asked about Phoenix Daniels he simply quipped: "Jackass number two."  An obvious reference to his disapproval stemming from his belief that no one is good enough for his little Sarah Angel. The term jackass goes back to Sarah Angels first boyfriend who Richard dubbed as such and also found to be unqualified as a suitable mate for his only daughter Sarah Angel.  

Cleen Poquette while trying to snap a photo of Sarah Angel and Phoenix together spoke of how
Phoenix Daniels and Sarah Angel Poquette trying to get just the right photo for their first album cover.
One and a half hams were almost eaten with only a few scraps remaining as the night wound down. The crowd had dwindled to only a few families by 9 PM (2100 hours for those in the military) and by 2200 I was locking the door with everyone on their way home.

A new gift idea was put into practice this year whereby everyone participating brought a gift from the "As seen on TV" bin. I received a "Slap Chop" which you may have seen pitched by Vince, I can't do this all day, and the Kat got a pack of "Sham Wows" also a favorite of Vince. A little around the circle back and fourth and viola an as seen on TV gift was yours.

Next week we will be publishing the predictions for 2010 and  we need to get your predictions before next Saturday. There are no limitations on your predictions we only ask that they not be vulgar or in bad taste. The can be about people or pets national or local figures and you can make as many predictions as you wish.

Last years list of predictions was submitted by the staff here at the KAMR but this year we are asking our readers for their participation. We hope that we get some really good ones as we will print them all.

Two of last years predictions have come true. After visiting the list of predictions for 2009 in the archives I have discovered that two of my predictions were indeed correct. The list of predictions from last year can be seen by clicking here. The first prediction to come true read like this: "Scott and Judy Treml will awaken to find their goats have been mauled overnight by a chupracobra."  Although no one actually saw the chupracobra a goat was dead when they awoke one morning. A chupracobra is rarely ever seen therefore we must conclude that the goat was indeed killed by the chupracobra.
The second prediction to come true was about Jessie Poquette. It read: "Jessie Poquette will receive the highest award possible from her employer Checkmate, the Scrooge award." Poquette did in fact receive the award after
consistently making the highest number of loans of all the branches in the district. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Jessie Poquette with the award
The weather was a major factor in the attendance on Christmas eve as several of the annual dependable party goers stayed away. Freezing rain pummeled the area while Christmas Eve festivities went on at the offices of the KAMR in the Town of Oneida. Roads remained passable in the early evening but became increasingly worse as the night wore on with slushy ice forming on the roadways reducing traction and making stopping a challenge.

The party itself was wonderful as usual, The Kat served her special baked ham and homemade bread topped off the sandwich making choices at the dinner buffet. Sliced potatoes in a cheese sauce taunted dinner goers as did the numerous choices of cheeses, sausage trays and spreads brought by those attending. The popcorn popper was on hand but once again it was placed in a spot where no one could get at it so no popcorn was served.
Sarah Angel has now taken to calling herself Sarah Angel Daniels. I pressed Cleen for an explanation as to whether the two had gone to the courthouse unannounced and made the pact legal however Cleen was unwilling to say claiming to not know
anything and by the way Sarah Angel hid her face from the camera for any photos.
Cleen Angel Poquette
Video of Turkey Bowl X could be seen in two special places that evening with the main place being the smoking and big screen projection room also known as the garage. A second simulcast was taking place on the television in the living room for those who either objected to sitting in a drafty garage or smoke.
A katandmick photo