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November 1, 2009

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          t was only 10 PM yet most of the guests had already departed or were about to. The Dick and Cleen annual Halloween party got underway as scheduled but as guests arrived it was apparent that there were as many children at the party as adults. Most of the adults attending were without costume. With costumed kids running through the crowd out and back in it became more of a children's party for a time then for adults.

I had arrived in the afternoon and Sarah "Angel" Poquette and Ryan were putting up the finishing touches on the walls and ceiling of the spacious garage. Dick sat in his favorite chair in the corner supervising the work while Sarah Angel Poquette taped cutouts of goblins to the wall above the counter. Ryan hung a large spider from the ceiling from a long string. Another unidentified female present at the time remained unproductive for the most part smoking while the garage was readied for the party. After putting the finishing touches on the sound system I departed for home to prepare for the evening.

At 6:30 I began playing the of HG Wells radio drama "War of the Worlds" but not the usual 1939 version I usually play but the 1973 adaptation as prepared by a Buffalo New York Radio Station, WKBW. Because of the long introduction on the file the timing was off and much to the dismay of the large crowd that had gathered by 8 PM, I had to cut the broadcast short and begin the music portion of the evening entertainment schedule.

Several games of toilet plunger and toilet paper throughout the evening exhausted the prizes brought to the party by the Kat. The costume contest was won by Bob VanLanen and his date Sandy, with Second place occupied by Bobbi Angel and Rick Angel Poquette. Third place was snatched up by Trixie Sobieck who claimed hair coiled up on the top of her head as a costume.

The night ended fairly abruptly after the costume winners were announced with the Kat leaving immediately after followed by two of the three members of "The Axis of Evil." The party was completed and the floor swept by 11 PM.
It was revealed this past week that Brittany Sobieck's husband to be has been and may still be
Jeremy Rezek
an alter boy. When asked about his religious servitude the confused looking Rezek was unable to respond with a definitive answer as to why he remained in the queue so long as one of the boys favored to perform the menial holy tasks in front of the church. At first Rezek remarked that he was 19 when he ended his alter obligation but after a moment he revised his estimate to 20 then was to say 21 he thought
better and stated he didn't know if he was through yet with his duties.

It is a well known fact that Rezek, fascinated by fire enjoyed lighting the candles before mass and would often light too many candles causing the status of the mass to be inadvertently changed to a high mass. The ageing padre often confused as to which mass he was supposed to be saying relied on Rezek's ability and looked at the candles to know.

Confusion about this story first arose when Jeremy Bubannas, also fascinated by fire was first thought to be the alter boy as Jeremy's last name was not used when the story first appeared. A quick fact
check of the story however revealed that the story was religious in nature which immediately eliminated Bubannas as the possible subject of the story. Bubannas who at this time is serving in the United States Air Force is not now or ever has been an alter boy.
Jeremy Bubannas
Cheryl Purshock who's life has been moving from one Air Force city to another has again been sent overseas to serve her country. Purshock will be in the mid-east for the holidays. In recent e-mails Purshock encouraged "The Kat" to send her some cookies "to see how they arrive" implying that they may not be eatable upon arrival.
Purshock arrived at her destination around the 20th of October after a two day trip. Purshock: "The weathers not too bad here for the cold season, only gets up to 90 during the day. No trees just desert it's like living in black and gray." Purshock is unable to access the KAMR there as we are no exception to the rule and all the big news sites are blocked.
She hopes to access us through her personal computer when she gets it up and running.

Purshock believes that she is stationed with a Guard unit from Wisconsin that also is the same unit hosting Bob VanLanen's recent trips to the mid east.

Purshock is considering creating an account on Facebook so we can keep up with her. For now she says she will try to send us some heat for Thanksgiving. Purshock can be reached by US Mail at the following address:

Cheryl Purshock
APO  AE  09309

Email can be sent to:

Chery Purshock
Don't forget this Friday's Chicken Night at the KAMR offices here with special guest Lee VanLanen. Don't mention Lee's arrival to Peg and Dan VanLanen. Shelly VanLanen is bringing chicken, Kat is making mashed potatoes, Trixie that chicken pizza again. That's all the news that is news, see ya.