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November 29, 2009

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                 he Blue Jell-O's have once again for the fourth year in a row have taken home the Mary Poquette award in the memorable Thanksgiving Day game. The game remained out of reach for the Oneida Red Gobblers to the end with a score of 28 to 14.

The ten year anniversary game was marred by only one injury in the opening of the game during the second play when Blue Jell-O player number 10, Rick Poquette sustained bruised ribs after a pile-up near center field. Poquette who later had an x-ray at a local hospital was told that there may be a hairline crack in one rib but they were unable to see it on the picture. He was able however to push himself up to the table enough to consume several helpings of pie while the rest of the game was played and his comrades went on to victory.

The Oneida Red Gobblers had pressed Alex Pickett into action for the game as quarterback and he
made many stunning throws. The successful throws wound up in the skillful hands of Hobart Blue Jell-O's receivers most of the time except for a couple of times when Gobblers happened to be in the right place at the right time. One happy Blue Jell-O player Justin
Sobieck picked off Pickett three times and advanced the ball back to at least the Gobblers line
of scrimmage every time. Sobieck who also scored one of his teams four touchdowns in the game also received MVP for this years match up. It was originally thought that Sobieck would be the most likely to limp off field nursing an injury but in the heat of the moment he was able to walk off any pain he had during
the game and keep playing. Later he commented on his facebook page that he indeed was sore after the match up and needed time to come back up to speed.

The girls from the Oval Office never showed up and likely because of the windy cool weather. "It's just too hard to embrace the pole in this cold" commented one unidentified dancer who was contacted after the game. The portable pole that was to be brought out for their performance during rock paper scissors at halftime was shelved for a later date.

Just as the dancers were not to be seen so it went with the turkey sandwich launcher. The launcher conceived by Kevin Sobieck was perfected during the weeks leading up to TB-X but in the excitement and with the tension of the game the instrument was forgotten about and never put into operation. Had the launcher been activated it would have allowed many pounds of used turkey from the two left over birds to be taken home by the spectators.

XPFL Cheerleaders were found to be more stunning this year as they had spent countless hours bedazzling their uniforms prior to the big game. Head cheerleader Kat Pickett had taken the theme of an angel for her uniform and had requested to be referred to during the game as "Kat Angel Poquette Pickett". The script "Angel" was prominently displayed on her upper back and neck area in a shinny cursive font and the front of her uniform was the home to an angel pin. Jean Poquette-Hansen found that her neck became sore and found herself bending and looking at the ground most of the day because of the weight of the countless beads around her neck. The bending of her neck allowed the weight to transfer to her ample breasts reducing the stress.
XPFL Commissioner Brandon Pickett is seen here in a race for the end zone.
A katandmick photo
Alex Pickett
Justin Sobieck TB-X MVP
The game was photographed by several people with fine cameras most notably was a photographer who shoots pictures for the Green Bay Press Gazette. Although no photos have yet been seen in the daily paper he insists that they may run those at any time.

The after game gathering in Sobieck Hall was the usual collection of "stay to the last dog is hung" crowd that populates the heated garage area of the Sobieck home. A group of Logan Sobieck's (Blue Jell-O's 12) friends remained at the gathering even after this reporter left for home playing beer pong and consuming beer by the gallon. The friendly group happily took Stephonia Prevost's son Bailey under their wing to show him the finer points of beer pong and how to win. The young Prevost scored several times and had to drink the beer in the cup at least once. The beer it was later disclosed was root beer. Prevost oblivious to the matter continued yucking it up with her dad and his girl friend until after the pong game ended.

Logan "Cougar" Sobieck announced prior to the opening of Turkey Bowl that he was planning to quit racing in the 4 cylinder automobile races at the popular local Seymour Speedway. Sobieck who last
year claimed the first place trophy twice with in three weeks made the announcement stating that he could no longer find any fascination in the four cylinder car race and would like to sell his faithful car in which he had won last years races.
Sobieck said that is was time for him to move on
to larger more interesting cars and races and he was unable to finance such an endeavor. The failure to find a financial backer made it impossible to continue in the racing field.

Sobieck who graduated high school last year is working as an assistant food preparation specialist and hopes to enter vocational school when there is an opening. Sobieck thinks that he may like to learn to be a lineman and work on high voltage lines for Wisconsin Public Service.

When a discussion popped up about whether to have a gift exchange or not at the Christmas Eve party, Jean Poquette-Hansen suggested that it be done only with as seen on TV gifts. The idea was greeted immediately by Peg VanLanen, matriarch of the family, as a stroke of genius. Poquette-Hansen overjoyed at the quick acceptance immediately went out the next day and purchased her contribution. The event held on Christmas Eve at the KAMR offices on County Road E in the Town of Oneida hosts some 40 to 60 people for a night of ham and good cheer. Those wishing to participate need only bring the gift, pre-registration is not necessary. Extra calendars at $10 ea. and the TB-X disk will be available as well. It will be necessary to call in your order for the calendar in advance. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Logan Sobieck