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October 4, 2009

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Last weeks poll drew a lot of attention and even a letter to Ask the Kat.
                tephonia Prevost had the taste of sour grapes in her mouth as she posted one excuse after another on her facebook page for her lagging in the Axis of Evil poll. Prevost had lobbied hard for the
poll run in the newsletter this past week claiming that she was the "nicest" member of the Axis of Evil and would receive the greatest number of votes if only the public had their say. Even though Prevost did come in a fairly close second the public chose Trixie Sobieck for the nicest member of the Axis
of Evil. Prevost had accused Sobieck of "stuffing the ballot box" and accused Newsletter staff of collusion when a facebook promotion was poorly worded and failed to mention the vote was for the nicest member of the evil group and instead promoted voting for the favorite member.

Prevost who had promised a victory if only there were a poll lobbied her tavern friends at "The Settlement" to vote for her, but many of the so called "backers" procrastinated and after hours at the bar were unable to function sufficiently to sign on to the Internet and vote.

The third member of the Axis, Jean Poquette Hansen remained silent throughout the voting and trailed substantially throughout. Poquette-Hansen never claimed to be the nicest member of the Evil group and seemed happy enough to be detached from the other two do gooders and had never campaigned for votes.

Trixie Sobieck who led the poll for most of the time won handily with 45% of the vote with Prevost next closest at 39%. Jean Poquette Hansen weighed in with a mere 16% when it was all said and done.
Stephonia Prevost
Dear Kat

This is not really a question but more of a fact, as everyone knows I am losing the "nicest axis of evil contest" What the hell! Who wants to be the NICEST Axis of Evil.  Isn't the Axis of Evil suppose to be MEAN, DUH! So I guess that really means I WIN HA HA, as for those other two what a  bunch of losers. As Dr Evil would
This week I got a letter from the biggest loser in the Axis of Evil poll explaining her loss and why she's happy with it.
It is not clear what the reaction will be when the trio meets again but it is clear that Prevost can no longer claim "nicest" in the personality traits of the evil group. Her mere 12 votes to Sobieck's unbeatable 14 votes will attest to the best  outstanding personality. Sobieck who could not be reached for comment was as we were told too busy
to talk to the press because she was out helping nursing home residents, the poor, and homeless on her day off. After that she would be too busy cooking and cleaning for her family to take any time for herself, or her perceived admirers.
Trixie Sobieck nicest AOE member
say to Scott you are quasi evil, the diet coke of evil only one calorie, just not evil enough. So in closing If you are going to be in the Axis of Evil YOU MUST BE EVIL!!! YOU KNOBS! (on a side note if I have offended anyone with my evilness, well that's what I'm here for. I do this with the utmost love)
Jean (the queen) and reigning most Evil
PS: Kat, you have nice hair
Jean Poquette Hansen
Queen of Chicken Night
Dear Jean:

I really couldn't agree with you more, I think all this nice competition stuff makes me sick. The notion that there should even be a "nice" member of the Axis of Evil is repugnant to me and in my humble opinion warrants looking into by the National Federation of Independent Evil Organizations with possible expulsion of those found guilty of being nice. The Axis of Evil should be the epitome of all evil alliances yet two of the three members have the audacity to claim to be friends with day to day acquaintances they work with. We can only hope that hanging around with you in time to come will teach them that co-workers are not for friendship but for making fun of and are good subjects of pranks and cruel practical jokes. Perhaps you could teach them how to delve into their personal lives to find embarrassing lifestyles and quirky habits to make light of in front of other co-workers, a practice that you should win an award for and that couldn't be taught by anyone better. Keep up the good work and thanks for the compliment on my hair, I can always count on you for that.

The Kat

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