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October 11, 2009

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                    ver since the Chicken Night when Dave Poquette was home people have been whispering about Clara Pickett being impregnated. Pickett seemed to be abstaining from alcohol and she seemed to be eating enough for two.  People had not noticed that she was indeed green around the gills in the morning too while eating the dry crackers.
It was Stephonia Prevost who kept to her theory that Pickett was indeed impregnated and covering up the facts. Prevost called her out on the Chicken Night day as well as on the day of Brittany Sobieck and Jeremy Rezek's housewarming party. Pickett passed off the
probing as Stephonia's attempt to attract attention to her gaining weight, PIckett: "She thinks I'm getting fat and wants everyone to see it." After chatter of the subject died down this reporter asked again for her unconditional denial that she was indeed impregnated, just to clear the record.
Pickett looked stunned as if she had been caught by surprise. Brandon Pickett, Clara's husband looked over and saw the deer in the headlights look his wife was projecting and offered up this statement: "look's like an interesting controversy has popped up." With that statement he gave his wife
an out and she used it as she replied "I will neither confirm nor deny a pregnancy."
Meanwhile as the expectant father thought of ways to deny the pregnancy, Stephonia Prevost was having none of the excuses that the Picketts were putting out about the expected newborn. Prevost: "I don't care about what either one of them say, she's knocked up."
Clara Pickett
Brandon Pickett
Stephonia Prevost
Prevost who has one kid of her own claims she is not so easily fooled by attempts to hide obvious signs of a woman with child. Others were too willing to dismiss the obvious weight gain and abstaining from alcohol as Pickett's attempt to loose weight, but Prevost knew
the signs to look for and being there herself at one time identified with eating 5 bratwursts at one sitting and topping that off with a couple bags of popcorn.  Prevost remembered how she violently ravaged the refrigerator for food then packed herself into the bed for a 13 hour nap.
She remembered how that process repeated itself with food consumption and sleep patterns becoming larger and longer by the week until the thing was eventually born.  But amazingly everything turned around and now Bailey Prevost is adored by all, even the famous number 4 Brett Favre.
Bailey Prevost awaits Brett's return on the sidelinee
Official news of the pregnancy came to light as Clara's daughter Ashley spoke of a "new brother or sister on the way" during dinner one evening when the Kat and I were visiting. With that said there was no denying the fact, Clara came clean with the news that the due date was April 30th.  

That's all the news that is news, see ya.